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Shock in today's Home and Away as THIS Summer Bay legend returns

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Yesterday saw Alf Stewart return to Summer Bay, but he's not the only Home and Away legend making a comeback this week...

Today's Home and Away will see legendary Martha Stewart make a shock return to Summer Bay... and she is coming back with a bombshell that she's about to drop on her daughter, Roo!

Alf returned home from his 'fishing trip' yesterday, but with everyone rushing to get to work and school he failed to find the time to tell his family what he's really been doing with his time away.

As everyone comments today on how good Alf looks following his time away from Summer Bay, he is clearly uncomfortable about all the fussing, and struggling to keep his secret under wraps.

Home and Away, Alf Stewart

Alf's returned to Summer Bay with a secret... (Credit: Channel 5)

Alf even tries to quiz Marilyn about whether Roo knows Martha was back in town while she was on her trip to Kimberley, and although Marilyn confirms that Roo knows, she is soon chatting about Jett and his Army injuries, leaving Alf failing to get any more information.

Eventually Roo returns home at the end of the day and the father and daughter duo seem like they might finally get a chance to chat.

Home and Away, Roo Stewart

What will Roo think about Alf and Martha's news? (Credit: Channel 5)

But as Alf tries to get his words out, Roo is rambling on about what has been happening since she last saw him.

Before Alf can tell Roo his news, Martha arrives at the door and Roo is thrown to see her mum after all this time.

However, Martha's arrival isn't the only shock Roo has in store for her... as Alf stumbles over his words as he tries to tell his daughter about what he's been up to, Martha eventually hurts out their news - they're back together!

Home and Away, Alf Stewart, Martha Stewart

Alf and Martha have reunited... but is everyone happy for them? (Credit: Channel 5)

Roo is stunned that her parents are reunited after all this time... but how will she feel about it once the news has sunk in?

Will she be pleased to have them back together again? Or will old feelings from the past resurface?

Also on Home and Away today, Colby finally gets through to Bella, and Mason is stopped by the police with cannabis in the car. Has he just thrown his whole future into jeopardy?

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