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Home and Away spoilers: Will Mason Morgan get arrested?

Home and Away, Mason Morgan

Mason buys more cannabis for the illegal CBD trial he is running with his epileptic sister Raffy. But suddenly the police approach his car. Uh-oh...

As Mason Morgan continues with the secret CBD trial that appears to be helping his teenage sister Raffy with her epilepsy, he notices they are running low on oil and decides to go and buy a load more cannabis from a dealer.

But as Mason gets back into his car and hides the drugs, a police car unexpectedly pulls-up behind him!

Is Mason about to get busted for drugs possession?

Home and Away, Mason Morgan, Raffy Morrison

Mason and Raffy have been carrying out a secret CBD oil trial in the garage. (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, with Alf Stewart back in the Bay after his surprise roadtrip with first wife, Martha, the time has come to break the news to daughter Roo about what's been happening.

However, when Alf plucks up the courage to break the news about his reunion with Martha, Roo gets the wrong idea and thinks he's about to reveal something terrible.

That is, until an unexpected visitor to Summer Bay House reveals ALL!

Home and Away, Roo Stewart

Will Roo find out the truth about Alf and Martha? (Picture: Channel 5)

Elsewhere, Bella Nixon is still testing big brother Colby Thorne's patience with her bratty behaviour, even after the policeman threatened to lock her in a police prison cell!

But Bella has a plan to escape when she calls Colby's buddy Dean Thompson and pretends she's in BIG trouble and the police are holding her for questioning at the police station.

When Dean races down to Bella's "rescue", he and Colby realise they've both been played by the tearaway teenager.

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Colby Thorne, Bella Nixon

Can Dean help Colby with his troublesome sister, Bella? (Picture: Channel 5)

But could Dean be the one to finally get through to Bella and find out the real reason why she has turned rebel?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5