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SICKENING TWIST heading to Emmerdale as an unwelcome face arrives in the village

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(Image credit: ITV)

There's shock in Emmerdale when Wendy Posner moves to the village...

Next week's Emmerdale sees Wendy Posner move to the village... and no one is happy to see her.

When Diane Sugden finds out that Wendy, the mother of the man who raped Victoria and left her pregnant, has moved to the village, she is desperate to keep the news under wraps for as long as she can.

Wendy and Victoria in Emmerdale

No one is happy to see that Wendy has moved to the village (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: AMY BRAMMALL)

But of course, this is Emmerdale, and nothing stays secret for long. And when Victoria finds out that Lee's mum is her new neighbour, she is devastated.

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With Wendy living down the road, there will be a constant reminder of what happened after that fateful night out back in April, and with her baby due soon, there will be no getting away from the fact Lee is the father.

Before long Wendy finds herself face-to-face with Victoria, Diane and Aaron, and no one is happy to see her.

Emmerdale, Victoria Sugden, Diane Sugden

Wendy is shocked when Luke sides with Victoria (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: ITV)

Victoria is fuming with Luke, but he's adamant that he had no idea his mum was planning to move to the village.

But soon Wendy's move is causing trouble between her and Luke when he admits that he believes Victoria's claims about Lee and thinks she is telling the truth about the attack.

Wendy fights to stay calm, but soon breaks down in tears and remains adamant that she isn't going anywhere and will be staying put in the village.

Emmerdale, Wendy Posner

Who is trying to scare Wendy out of the village? (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: ITV)

But her determination might soon start to waiver when late at night someone lurks in the darkness outside her house, before smashing the windows of Dale View.

A shaken Wendy runs out into the night to confront the culprit, but when no one is there, she shouts into the darkness, wanting to know who would target her.

But while it remains to be see whether the night-time attack on her house will be enough to get rid of Wendy, there is more drama when pregnant Victoria starts to get contractions.

Emmerdale, Victoria Sugden, Luke Posner

Victoria starts getting contractions and Luke calls for help (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: ITV)

With her baby not due yet, she starts to panic that it is making an early arrival, and Luke calls for help.

But things take a turn for the worst for mum-to-be Victoria when Wendy, who also just happens to be a midwife, is the one who turns up to help her.

Emmerdale, Victoria Sugden, Wendy Posner

Victoria is horrified when it is midwife Wendy who rushes to her aid (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: ITV)

Is Victoria's baby about to be delivered by its own grandma?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.