'Silent Witness' fans loving Nikki and Jack's flirting!

TV tonight Adam, Nikki and Jack face a difficult case
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Silent Witness Season 24 fans are incredibly happy that there may be more romance on the cards for Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) and Jack Hodgson (David Caves) in this season’s Silent Witness, as fans were left swooning over recent scenes between the pair in last night’s episode (Monday 13 September).

The forensic pathologists have both shared an unbreakable bond over the last eight years and fans have loved seeing their relationship blossom throughout their hardships and difficult investigations.

Last night’s episode started with a suspicious hooded figure filming a female swimming teacher at a pool, who is later murdered in her home.

As usual, the team, joined by newcomer pathologist Dr Adam Yuen (Jason Wong), get onto the case straight away, along with DI Meredith Hughes (Caroline Sheen), and investigate the horrific murder of the now named victim Laura Jennings. 

Soon, new evidence comes to light as they find out that Laura was pregnant and she was a victim of abuse. However, her abuser was never charged, so she withdrew the complaint and moved away, which soon raised suspicions for the team.

Meanwhile, an astounded Jack gets a surprising and unexpected visitor, a young deaf girl named Cara (Rhiannon Jones) looking for Jack's brother, Ryan (Owen McDonnell) who she suspects is her father. But this revelation soon uncovers dark family secrets. 

Despite dramatic and intense evidence being discovered, including Laura’s abuser being an ex-detective, viewers could not help but notice the chemistry between Nikki and Jack throughout the episode as they often exchanged stares between each other.

Their relationship sent fans’ hearts fluttering in one scene where Nikki turned up to Jack’s house. “You weren’t answering your phone,” she said and handed him some lunch. Jack then confided in Nikki about his recent findings on his family secrets. Nikki’s kind gesture soon left fans questioning how often she calls him out of work hours.

Shocking evidence was soon unearthed about the murder of Laura Jennings, with the father of her baby being a sperm donor called Frank, whose wife soon discovers his dodgy activities and erupts into rage. As well as Jack’s father revealing that he knows about the affair Jack had with his brother’s girlfriend, Aoife.

There was a particular scene that fans found themselves replaying in their minds, as Jack tapped her on the shoulder, curious as to how she knows so much about IVF. “Research, Jack. You’d make a good donor. You’re a decent specimen,” she flirted. Jack smirked, until their flirty banter was hilariously interrupted by Adam.

The team soon make another horrific discovery as they find dead bodies in the garden of suspect Tim Garrick's home, who was a former schoolmate of Laura and had seemingly dated her recently.

Fans took to Twitter to show their delight in Nikki and Jack’s relationship and finally getting the Nikki and Jack content they’ve been longing for…

Part two of this episode is going to be intense as the team trace Laura’s last movements to a house and struggle to identify the bodies buried in the garden. While the criminal is on the loose, DI Meredith’s suspicions rise as she suspects her former co-worker and Jack must make a difficult decision when Cara discovers why Ryan is in prison. Silent Witness continues on BBC1 tonight at 9pm —see our TV Guide for full listings.

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