Snowflake Mountain fans blast Solomon’s 'mean' behavior

Snowflake Mountain viewers slammed Solomon's mean attitude. (Image credit: Pete Dadds)

Snowflake Mountain has been gaining a lot of attention recently, specifically controversy surrounding contestant Solomon.

The Netflix reality show Snowflake Mountain puts 10 "kidults" to the test at a wilderness and survival retreat where they must go without their usual luxuries.

With no Wi-Fi, running water, or modern comforts in sight, they'll be put through their paces under the watchful eyes of ex-military leaders Joel Graves and Matt Tate, who will help guide them to success.

Whichever youngster manages to succeed in this rude awakening to adulthood will be crowned the ultimate Wilderness Warrior and receive a whopping $50,000 cash prize. 

Drama kicked off between the entitled "snowflakes" earlier in the series when Joel and Matt assigned a survival session to the two groups.

Each of them had to complete a task in order to get their food supplies, with one group having to swim out to a raft in the lake and the other had to go into the woods and lower a supply bag hanging in the trees.

Snowflake Mountains contestants

Solomon caused a rift in the camp. (Image credit: Pete Dadds)

Once the group had managed to lower the supply bag, Solomon had the idea to hide their food from the other half of the group so that they didn’t have to share.

Despite the objections from his disgruntled teammates, Solomon carried on with his plan and secretly hid the goodies without the other team knowing.

However, he soon revealed what he had done to Devon after giving her a vegan chocolate bar and marshmallows from the stolen supply drop as a gift for her birthday.

He didn’t get the reaction he had hoped for though as Devon was outraged by the fact that he had stolen half of the supply drop and told the other campmates.


The team slammed Solomon's behavior, but he didn't hold back. (Image credit: Pete Dadds)

Joel and Matt called a team meeting to discuss the hostility of the group and it wasn’t long before Solomon was on the warpath and insulting people.

“You are such a loser, bro,” he said to Randy, before turning his attention to Devon and attacking her with: “Grow up! You’re 20 years old now. Welcome to the real world.”

“The king that I am stands alone, and they’re in an army full of losers,” he said privately to the camera.

He then shouted at Devon once again, saying: “I brought the beauty when you brought the ugly.”

Fans were unimpressed by his outburst and chastised his rude behavior…

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Snowflake Mountain is available to watch now on Netflix.

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