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Soap fans are TOTALLY LOVING this shock romance blossoming on tonight's EastEnders

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Could there be romance in the air for EastEnders Billy Mitchell and Karen Taylor?

Tonight's EastEnders saw things getting flirty between Karen Taylor and Billy Mitchell... and fans are loving it.

The pair have started working together at E20 after Billy gave Karen a trial as she admitted to having money problems since taking out a loan with Ben Mitchell.

Karen Taylor gets a second chance at E20 in EastEnders

Karen dressed to impress for her second shift at E20 tonight (Picture: BBC)

Despite the fact newly-reformed Ben told Tubbs to let Karen off her next payment, Tubbs didn't listen and demanded she pay up, leaving Karen panicking about where she would get the money from.

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Billy suggested getting a second job in addition to her role at the laundrette, and Karen took that as an opportunity to work behind the bar at E20.

EastEnders romance for Billy and Karen

Karen pulled out all the stops with her outfit, and Billy didn't know where to look! (Picture: BBC)

But while Karen's far from a natural behind the bar, what she lacks in cocktail making skills she is totally making up for in enthusiasm.

As Karen arrived for her second shift at the nightclub tonight, Billy was trying to tell her that she didn't have the job... but she didn't give him the chance to speak before disappearing off to the loo.

EastEnders romance for Billy and Karen

Karen and Billy enjoyed some flirting in tonight's EastEnders, and fans were loving it (Picture: BBC)

But soon Billy's attempts to sack Karen were forgotten when she emerged from the ladies toilet dressed to the nines, and Billy couldn't take his eyes off her!

And as Karen continued to cause carnage behind the bar, it was clear that there was some serious flirting going on between her and Billy, and fans couldn't get enough...

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With both Billy and Karen being unlucky in love in Albert Square, it seems they could have found themselves a soulmate.

But whether it is romance or friendship on the cards, EastEnders fans are definitely behind the new pairing.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.