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Soap fans in a frenzy as EastEnders reveals the return of this ICONIC character

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Soap fans are thrilled as EastEnders spills the beans on Sean Slater's long-awaited return to Albert Square next week with a new trailer...

It's the moment soap fans have been waiting for. EastEnders has finally lifted the lid on Sean Slater's comeback with a brand new teaser trailer, and fans can't get enough!

As the credits rolled after Monday night's instalment of Walford drama, fans were left stunned to see a new trailer that featured Sean and hinted about when we will be seeing him back on our screens.

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Ever since EastEnders producer Kate Oates revealed that she would be bringing back Sean as part of Jean Slater's cancer battle storyline, fans have been desperately trying to work out when he will step foot back in Albert Square.

This week sees Sean mentioned more and more as the week goes on, and it has finally been confirmed that the wait is nearly over, because Sean will be back on our screens next week.

The new trailer might only be a few seconds long, but it tells us everything we need to know about the moment Sean returns to Walford to surprise his sister Stacey and mum Jean.

The trailer shows Stacey in the Vic telling her mum: "He's not just going to walk into the pub and go 'hello mum!'" But of course, this is EastEnders, and so that's exactly what he does!

Fans were beside themselves as the trailer was revealed...

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Next week sees Sean's return on Friday 26th April after a week of Jean trying to get in touch with her son.

Jean is desperate to track down Sean following her cancer diagnosis, and even moves back in with the Slaters next week so that Stacey can help her find Sean.

EastEnders Stacey Fowler and Jean Slater argue over Sean

Jean and Stacey argue about Sean before his return next week...

But Stacey pretends that she tried Sean's number and it didn't work, only for her to admit later on that she lied and that she's spoken to her brother and he knows everything.

But as the tension between Stacey and Jean reaches boiling point at the hospital while Jean waits for an appointment, little do the pair know that Sean is actually back in Walford.

How will the pair react when they come face-to-face with him after all this time?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.