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ITV to launch Strictly rival Dance Dance Dance in 2017

(Image credit: Graham Stone/REX/Shutterstock)

ITV’s new series Dance Dance Dance will take on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing with an all-star cast, 'mindblowing' special effects and iconic dance routines

ITV has announced its very own celebrity dancing series, Dance Dance Dance, to compete with BBC1's Strictly Come Dancing.

The series will see celebrities paired up with someone from their family or a close friend to compete for the envied title.

Differing from Strictly, Dance Dance Dance contestants will perform an iconic dance routine from legendary music videos like Beyoncé’s Single Ladies or Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

ITV is believed to be pumping serious cash into the show, pulling out all the stops in the special effects department to create a 3D world around the performance. Talpa, the company which produced The Voice, also created the new dance concept.

The format for the show was originally broadcast in the Netherlands to great success.

A source told The Sun: "Dance Dance Dance’s budget will blow Strictly out of the water as producers are planning to incorporate revolutionary special effects and recruit some huge names."

They added that 'the format of stars selecting their own partners is particularly appealing for the celebrity contestants as, unlike the curse of Strictly, no relationships are threatened'.

“Celebrities will be given the chance to actually spend time with those close to them, but ITV are also hoping this dynamic will create strops between husbands and wives, brothers and sisters.”

After the duo perform they will be judged by a panel of experts and one pair will be sent packing each week.

No celebrities have been confirmed for Dance Dance Dance, but it will hit our screens in early 2017.