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T-Mobile giving all customers $10 off YouTube TV as it shuts down TVision

T-Mobile TVision
(Image credit: T-Mobile)

T-Mobile and Google today issued a pretty big love-fest of a press release, with the former praising the services of the latter — they've been longtime partners on all sorts of things, including the first Android phone.

For our purposes here, though, we're talking about T-Mobile's TVision Live skinny bundle streaming TV service, which is now the short-lived TVision streaming service. T-Mobile announced that it's shutting down the Live, Live + and Live Zone flavors of TVision and will offer current T-Vision customers $10 off the monthly YouTube TV subscription, taking the cost down to $54.99. And to try to make it up to those subscribers, they're also throwing in three months of YouTube Premium, which gets rid of those annoying pre-roll ads on YouTube.

T-Mobile will continue to sell its TVision Hub hardware — it'll just now feature YouTube TV instead of its own service.

And if you don't have T-Vision services (which you almost certainly did not), you're not out of luck, either. All T-Mobile subscribers will be eligible for those cheaper YouTube TV rates starting April 6. You'll be able to sign up at

And ya know what? That's not awful. YouTube TV — the second-largest live TV streaming service in the United States — has nearly 100 channels for that single price. It also comes with unlimited recording, and the ability to have up to six profiles within a single family. (They'll all be tied to individual Google accounts.) That means everyone has their own recommendations and their own recordings. 

YouTube TV also has a strong slate of premium add-ons, like HBO Max and Showtime, which allow you to watch even more within the YouTube TV app. (And you can now add those add-ons directly within the YouTube TV app on your TV, which is nice.)