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Terror on Coronation Street tonight as someone finds themselves in GRAVE danger

There's drama heading for Coronation Street in tonight's double bill when an unsuspecting Shona Ramsey finds herself in serious trouble...

Coronation Street resident Shona Ramsey faces danger tonight when her drama with son Clayton Hibbs takes a sinister turn and she finds herself targeted by someone sinister.

Fans saw Shona visiting Clayton in jail earlier this week to tell him that his dad, Dane, had died. Clayton is still doing time for the murder of David Platt's wife Kylie back in 2016... the same David that Shona is now dating.

Coronation Street spoilers: What does Clayton want from Shona Ramsey?

Shona went to see Clayton in jail earlier this week

But what Shona wasn't counting on when she went to see her son in prison was him revealing that he is being bullied and he wanted her help to move prisons... leaving her torn between helping her son and her loyalties towards David.

Tonight's visit to Weatherfield sees Shona ask local solicitor Imran if he can help look into Clayton's request to move jails.

But when it doesn't look like there's much hope for Kylie's killer, Shona is left with a dilemma on her hands.

Coronation Street spoilers: Nick Tilsley confronts Shona in the street!

Nick loses his temper with Shona tonight

To make matters worse, Nick finds out what is going on and is furious with Shona for going behind David's back, leaving her hurt when he tells her she's got no regard for David's feelings.

But when Shona goes back to see her son to break the news he's going nowhere fast, she is left stunned when he delivers a chilling response...

By the second episode of tonight's Coronation Street, David has found out what is going on with Shona and is angry with Nick for getting involved.

Instead of being at loggerheads with his girlfriend for helping her son, David is more angry with himself for not being able to help her in her moment of need.

Coronation Street spoilers: What does Clayton want from Shona Ramsey?

Clayton has a dark plan for his mum...

But while David might be understanding at the moment, he might change his tune if he knew about Clayton's latest demands on Shona.

While the terrified mum refuses to help Clayton with his latest plan, she could be left regretting her decision when someone breaks into their house in the dead of night.

After Shona and David have gone to bed, viewers will see someone picking the lock on the Platts' back door tonight... but who is it? And what do they want?

Something tells us Shona might need to start sleeping with one eye open...

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