The Expanse Season 5 is coming Dec. 6 as Amazon drops the first trailer

If The Expanse teaches us anything, it's that the more things change, the more they stay the same. And that's apparent in the first trailer for Season 5 of the sleeper-hit, which returns to Amazon Prime Video on Dec. 16.

New episodes will be releasing weekly.

There's way too much to recap here, but the extremely short version is that Holden & Co. made it back from the alien world in Season 4, only to find that things aren't really any better off than when they left. Inners and Outers and Belters still aren't quite getting along.

And there's a new Big Bad threatening to make things even worse. Marco Inaros has what's call the "Free Navy" at his disposal, and they're waging war on the Inners for "a lifetime of oppression and injustice."

"With the opening of the alien gates, we are at a crossroads," Inaros says. "No longer will Belters be persecuted. With this attack we will show our oppressors a strength they never thought possible."

Meanwhile, Jim Holden seems to be itching to stick his nose where it doesn't belong (which is what got him in this mess in the first place), while Fred Johnson tries to talk him out of it. Amos is headed back to Earth for some "personal business in Baltimore," Drummer found Ashford's derelict ship, and Naomi is going to find her son.

And Draper is hunting conspiracies once more.

The good news is that you've got two months to catch up on the first four seasons. And if you've yet to watch The Expanse, you're missing out on some really good (if a little complicated) sci-fi. 

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