'The Masked Singer' UK fans use roman numerals to 'unmask' Rockhopper

Rockhopper costume
'The Masked Singer' UK watchers think they've rumbled Rockhopper's identity. (Image credit: ITV)

The Masked Singer UK season 3 fans think roman numerals are the key to cracking the identity of Rockhopper!

Viewers have been wildly guessing as to who could be behind the fishnet tights and pink combat boots as she’s rocked the stage with her marvelous singing ability.

But, Masked Singer detectives are certain that they’ve worked out who Rockhopper is after spotting a hint on her costume and a clue that was given during the latest episode (Saturday Jan. 29) about the power going out. 

The last episode had double the clues, so we had our eyes peeled for anything we could spot and observant fans soon noticed a belt on Rockhopper’s costume with the roman numerals XLVII on it

In addition, during Rockhopper’s clue package, she teased: “Change is good. It provides growth, and that's always important. Did someone forget to pay the electricity?" before the lights went out. Judge Jonathan Ross, as well as the public, thought this could be referencing a major event that famously had the power go out, so viewers at home did some research to find out.

Viewers discovered that the roman numerals XLVII could refer to the Super Bowl XLVII in 2013, which famously suffered a power cut.

Fans soon began putting the pieces together and knew that Destiny’s Child had performed at the 2013 Super Bowl and are now sure that the masked singer is a member of the international group sensation.

Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams

Fans are sure that Rockhopper is Kelly Rowland or Michelle Williams. (Image credit: Getty Images / Paras Griffin / Stringer)

However, fans on social media are torn between two members for who Rockhopper could be — Michelle Williams or Kelly Rowland.

Michelle Williams appeared on the second season of The Masked Singer US and was unmasked as Butterfly in the competition, but could she be making an appearance again on the UK version? We’ll have to wait and find out!

Recently, Doughnuts was unmasked as former England football star Michael Owen and Firework was actress Jaime Winstone, which had viewers stunned by the revelation.

The Masked Singer continues on ITV with episodes also available on-demand via ITV Hub. For full listings — see our TV Guide

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