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The Transporter Refuelled | Film review - Ed Skrein grabs the wheel from The Stath for action thriller sequel

Transporter Refulled Ed Skrein.jpg

Transporter Refulled Ed Skrein.jpg

Rapper turned actor Ed Skrein takes the wheel from Jason Statham’s underworld driver for this relaunch of the action thriller franchise, but there’s not much gas left in the tank in The Transporter Refuelled.

To be fair, the fight choreography is reasonably nifty and the French Riviera locations are suitably glamorous. But the story – which sees call girl Loan Chabanol and three leggy companions call on the services of Skrein’s hero as part of her revenge plot against a Russian crime kingpin – is desperately lame and the car chases unexciting, with pursuing vehicles flipping end over end with tiresome regularity.

Transporter Refulled Ed Skrein blondes.jpg

Skrein makes a reasonable fist of the lead, but he can’t match Statham when it comes to muscular heft and tongue-in-cheek charisma.

Certificate 15. Runtime 92 mins. Director Camille Delamarre

The Transporter Refuelled is available on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital platforms from 28th December courtesy of Icon Film Distribution.

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