The ULTIMATE 'Emmerdale' Christmas quiz

Emmerdale Christmas quiz
'Emmerdale' Christmas quiz. (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale is famous for huge stunts and gripping storylines at Christmas. Over the years we've had everything from plane crashes to storms, all bringing terror to the Yorkshire village.

But after nearly 50 years of jaw-dropping revelations, heartbreaking deaths, and dramatic births... how many iconic episodes can you remember?

Test your knowledge with our 'Emmerdale' Christmas quiz for all the family...

Marlon arrested for Graham's murder in Emmerdale ITV

There's nothing like a grisly death to get 'Emmerdale' in the festive spirit! (Picture: ITV)

We're here to test your knowledge about the biggest moments in Emmerdale Christmases gone by... how many of these can you answer correctly? 


1. What infamous Emmerdale stunt happened at New Year in 1993, killing four well-loved characters?

2. Which favourite character was killed off in a huge storm at New Year in 2003?

3. Who surprised Marlon Dingle with a Christmas Day wedding in 2018?

Marlon in Emmerdale

Who surprised Marlon?

4. Which Emmerdale favourite returned from the dead as Robert Sugden's 'moral guardian' on Christmas Day 2017?

5. Which member of the King family was killed on Christmas Day in 2006 after being pushed through a window at Home Farm?

6. Whose grisly murder became the focus of 2019's Christmas whodunnit?

7. Who tried to burn down Home Farm at Christmas in 2013 after becoming bankrupt?

8. What did Jacob Gallagher find on his doorstep on Christmas Day in 2019?

9. Which troublemaking current character was born on Christmas Day in 2001?

10. Who did Ashley Thomas marry on Christmas Day in 2000?

11. Which of Kim Tate's lovers lost their life in a fire in 1996 while trying to save her young son, Jamie?

12. Belle Dingle was born on Christmas Day - but which village vet helped deliver her?

13. Farmhand Alex Moss, who infamously had a fling with Moira Dingle, was brutally killed by which Emmerdale serial killer on Christmas Eve 2012?

14. Viv Windsor's husband Vic was murdered on Christmas Day in 1998 by Billy Hopwood during a raid on what village shop?

15. Who was born on New Year's Day 2020 to mum Victoria Sugden?

16. Which legendary character returned to Emmerdale after 17 years away just in time for Christmas 2018?

17. Who did Chas Dingle jilt at the altar on her Christmas wedding in 2010?

18. Ray Mullan was killed on Christmas Day in 2002 after it was revealed he had been stalking which favourite character?

19. Who did Tom King marry on Christmas Day 2006?

20. Who did David Metcalfe marry in a Christmas Day wedding in 2013?

Jacob opens the door to find a baby on the doorstep in Emmerdale

Christmas in 'Emmerdale' brings all sorts of shocks (Picture: ITV)


1. The Emmerdale plane crash

2. Tricia Dingle

3. Jessie Grant

4. Val Pollard

5. Tom King

6. Graham Foster

7. Declan Macey

8. A baby, who David later named Theo, left by Maya Stepney

9. Gabby Thomas

10. Bernice Blackstock

11. Dave Glover

12. Paddy Kirk - he was tending to a sick pig when Lisa went into labour

13. Cameron Murray

14. The Post Office

15. Harry Sugden

16. Mandy Dingle

17. Carl King

18. Louise Appleton

19. Rosemary Sinclair

20. Alicia Harding

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