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The Voice star Jamie Johnson: 'Kylie spanked my bum!'

The Voice UK live shows start this Saturday and Team Kylie singer Jamie Johnson reveals his coach is no pushover, In fact, she spanked him when he cheated by writing lyrics on his hand!

Jamie is confident the eventual winner of The Voice UK will be from his team, which also includes Lee Glasson and Rachael O'Connor.

He told What's on TV: "We have a really good team, the best team. Mainly because of Rachael, I think she is going to smash it. I've told Rachael she's going to win, all my family think so. Lee is unique and is one of the nicest people I've ever met. I think the winner is on my team."

Jamie has nothing but respect for his pop princess mentor. "Kylie is so cool, she's good looking, but I think people already know that. She has so much experience and she changes her sound every time she release's something new. She's small and she's really fit, but don't write that!

"As a coach she's very hands on. She jumped up at the Knockout rehearsals during Sex on Fire, telling the band what to do. It was the same for the Battles. She doesn't sit back and watch. She never sits down, she is always moving."

But Kylie has ticked Jamie off some during parts of The Voice.

"At the Battles, I had some lyrics written on my hand, and Kylie asked if they were lyrics. She said 'I don't want to see any lyrics on your hand any more', she rolled up the paper in her hand and smacked my hand with her paper.

"I laughed and she then said 'You were lucky it wasn't like this', and then she spanked my bum. I got spanked by Kylie Minogue! But no one believes me."