The 'WandaVision' soundtrack drops its first two episodic releases

Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen in WandaVision on Disney Plus.
Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen in "WandaVision" on Disney Plus. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

A hot TV show needs a hot soundtrack. And WandaVision on Disney+ actually comes with a pair of them. There's the awesome accompanying music (we were treated to The Monkees in this week's episode), and there's the old-timey theme song that's from Oscar winners Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez — and the score from Christophe Beck, all three of whom who also were behind behind that little hit called Frozen.

Each episode will have a bit of a theme to it, with the score featuring instruments being represented from the era portrayed on the show.

Says Disney: Early episodes feature small orchestral ensembles, while later episodes embrace a rock-pop style. Beck also utilized period-specific recording and mixing techniques to achieve the authenticity filmmakers wanted. 

The themes will change from episode to episode as well. For the premiere episode, Anderson-Lopez said, "We wanted to have an optimistic group of voices singing jazzily (though not too jazzily!) about the love between these two — and the main question of the first episode, whether two Avengers in love can pass for normal in a typical American suburb."

The second episode's theme is described as being "sexier" and "flirtier." 

“We decided to put lots of raunchy trombones commenting,” Robert Lopez said, “and in one part we also used my favorite '60s keyboard sound, the RMI Rock-si-chord—a sort of electric organ harpsichord sound.”

Disney is releasing new soundtracks for each episode the week after the episode premieres. So this week we got music for Episodes 1 and 2. The soundtrack for Episode 3 will drop on Feb. 29, and so on, right up through Episode 9 on March 12.

You can check out the music as it's released each week on your favorite streaming service here. Then get to work watching every Marvel movie in order. (Preferably on Disney Plus on Apple TV.)

New episodes of WandaVision premiere Fridays on Disney+.

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