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Today's Neighbours sees TWO new twists in the mysterious hunt for Dee Bliss

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Neighbours' Toadie Rebecchi is getting closer to finding out the truth about his first wife...

Today's Neighbours sees legend Toadie Rebecchi moving a step closer to finding out if his first wife Dee Bliss is still alive as two twists leave him stunned...

Neighbours fans have watched Andrea Somers worm her way back into Toadie's life recently by claiming she has got some evidence that proves his first wife Dee is still alive.

16 years ago viewers watched in horror as Toadie and Dee's car plunged off a cliff edge on their wedding day, and while Dee's body was never found, everyone assumed she was dead.

Neighbours, Toadie Rebecchi, Andrea Somers

Toadie was horrified to see Andrea back in Erinsborough recently (Credit: Channel 5)

But now Andrea is claiming that she was recognised by a man in 2009 in a market, but he knew her as someone called Karen. Could the mysterious Karen actually be Dee?

It seems Toadie is moving a step closer to finding out today.

Today's episode starts with the first twist of the day when Willow Somers arrives on Toadie's door step, and while he is thrilled to see her, it soon becomes clear that Willow is there to warn him away from her mother, Andrea.

Neighbours, Toadie Rebecchi, Willow Somers

Willow returns to Erinsborough today to support Toadie (Credit: Channel 5)

But when Willow and Andrea come face-to-face the scan artist turns on the innocent act for her daughter, trying to convince her that she is a changed woman.

However, while Willow remains unconvinced, it soon turns out that some more hypnotherapy from Karl is what it takes to get more information about the mysterious man Ian, who recognised Andrea as Karen.

Neighbours, Karl Kennedy, Andrea Somers

Andrea has more hypnotherapy with doctor Karl and it leads to more clues being revealed (Credit: Channel 5)

Andrea gives Mark Brennan the name of the hotel where Ian was staying back in 2009, and Toadie is delivered the second shock of the day when Mark reveals the police have tracked Ian down and he wants to meet Toadie!

With Ian being the one who holds all the clues to finding the mysterious Karen, it seems that the puzzle pieces are starting to fall into place for the Rebecchi family.

But will Karen turn out to be Dee? Ot is this just another of Andrea's sick scams?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5