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What’s on telly tonight? Our pick of the best shows on Saturday 4th August

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TV Times top picks for today

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight the best shows on Saturday 4th August

My Family and the Galapagos, 8pm, C4

Monty Halls and his family have been on the Galapagos for a month and are finding their feet. His girls, Molly, three, and Isla, five, are having a ball, making the most of their wild and free adventure. But having his children with him makes Monty question even more the reason he is there – what state will these remarkable islands be in for the next generation? With so many visitors, so much rubbish, illegal fishing and invasive species causing havoc with the delicate ecosystem, saving the islands seems to be an impossible task. But Monty meets some people who are making a real difference. From floating bin men to organic farmers, inspirational guides and sustainable fishermen, the future may be tough, but it’s in good hands. Rating: ****

The People’s Vet, 4.30pm, C4

A sweet new daytime series based in two of the country’s largest charity pet hospitals. The PDSA in Kirkdale, Liverpool, and its sister practice eight miles away in Huyton treat all creatures great and small. Ginger tomcat Elvis has had a fight with a feisty fox and been brought in by his owner, Bill, with a nasty wound on his back. Poor Elvis needs an operation but happily he’s soon fighting fit once again, allowing the narrator, Cold Feet star John Thomson, to declare, ‘Elvis has left the building!’ Other patients admitted today include a much-loved spaniel called Amber, who needs a lump looked at, a staffie called Shadow, who’s having fits, and a stray chicken who’s in need of a new home. Rating: ***

Big Star’s Little Star, 7pm, ITV

Stephen Mulhern quizzes more famous faces and their offspring as the series continues. Tonight features comedian and actor Sally Phillips and her son Tom, Coronation Street and Dancing on Ice star Samia Longchambon and daughter Freya, and singer Kian Egan and his son, Koa. What willthe little ones reveal about their parents? Rating: ***

More previews tomorrow.