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What’s on telly tonight? Our pick of the best shows on Thursday 4th January

Death in Paradise
(Image credit: BBC/Red Planet Pictures/Denis Gu)

TV Times tops picks for tonight

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight the best shows on Thursday 4th January

Death in Paradise, 9.00pm, BBC1

We look forward to this every January – sunny beaches, rum cocktails and some friendly murders for us all to solve. Last series saw Ardal O’Hanlon take over from Kris Marshall, and he hits the ground running tonight as his character, DI Jack Mooney, makes a very stylish arrest. Then the big case: an apparent suicide, suspicious because the victim was midway through painting her nails when she threw herself off a hotel balcony… Meanwhile, Dwayne panics when he runs into an old flame and Jack has news from home. Denis Lawson is among the guests. Rating: ****

Derry Girls, 10.00pm, C4

Derry Girls

This fresh coming-of-age comedy set against the Troubles in early 1990s Northern Ireland celebrates the misadventures of teenager Erin Quinn. Derry may be in the grip of bomb scares and British army patrols but, to Erin, these pale in comparison with her struggle to get David Donnelly to notice her and stop her cousin Orla from reading her diary. "These are people we all know, wherever you’re from," says Saoirse-Monica Jackson, who plays Erin. "It’s a close-knit community where everybody knows everybody – and Erin can’t get away with sneaking into a nightclub at 16!" With Tommy Tiernan and Ian McElhinney. Rating: *****

Food Unwrapped Diet Special, 8.00pm, C4

Food Unwrapped Diet Special

No doubt the Food Unwrapped team have been enjoying the seasonal indulgences as much as the rest of us, but unlike the rest of us they’re taking a world tour to find out about diets in far-flung places. Jimmy Doherty’s in Hollywood looking at the latest food craze – meal drinks (isn’t that called soup?). Kate Quilton, meanwhile, is finding out about the surprising health-giving properties of curry, and Helen Lawal is in Tanzania in search of the Hadza tribe, whose diverse diet gives them superior gut bacteria. The Hadza people may also be able to teach us how to eat ourselves happy – and we doubt that will have anything to do with tucking into a big feast… Rating: ****

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