Total Wipeout - Freddie And Paddy Takeover - all you need to know about the crazy series!

Total Wipeout Freddie Flintoff Paddy McGuinness

Total Wipeout is back!

If you've missed the sheer carnage of Total Wipeout, you'll be pleased to know that it's making a comeback.

Whether it's getting punched by a wall or falling off a giant red ball, the BBC gameshow is filled with epic blunders.

Here's what you need to know about the upcoming series...

What should we expect from Total Wipeout: Freddie And Paddy Takeover?

The new series will see Freddie Flintoff and Paddy McGuinness offering their own unique commentary on the classic obstacle course.

Total Wipeout first aired on 3 January 2009 and ended on 31 December, 2012, and so far there's no new episodes on the horizon.

But we'll be able to relive some iconic moments alongside Freddie and Paddy in this new series.

Freddie said, "This time round it’s the best episodes from 10 years ago and then me and Paddy have done the voiceover."

In the series, contestants would take on a tricky obstacle course in an attempt to win £10,000.

When asked what they'd do with their winnings if they'd ever taken part, Freddie said, "He’d probably get some more trainers with studs on the back or a new denim jacket. Or he loves a leather jacket as well Paddy – he doesn’t really dress age appropriate bless him!"

And Paddy added, "Use it to pay for the dry-cleaning bill."

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Total Wipeout has welcomed plenty of people to its course, including some famous faces.

Whilst we don't know the full line-up, Freddie revealed his favourite contestant would be featured.

He revealed, "There was a cricketer in the 80s and early 90s called Alan Lamb, he had a big moustache, bit of a character, and I know Alan and I know his daughter. And she was on!

"I remember at the time watching and saying, 'Oh it’s Lamby’s daughter!' I was in the voiceover studio and we were doing that episode so I’m commentating and talking about someone I know, 10 years on. So that was a bit different."

Aside from that, we'll have to wait and find out more when the first episode airs.

What else should we know about Total Wipeout: Freddie And Paddy Takeover?

Ultimately, this series is a great way to relive some of its best moments and have a good laugh.

But host Paddy McGuinness adds that it could also enable families to introduce others to the series.

He said, "I hope that it’s one parents introduce to their kids and that it gives people the chance to sit down and have a laugh together. For anyone that’s seen before, it’s nostalgic and it’s actually even funnier and more ridiculous than I remembered."

When can we watch?

The first episode airs Saturday 8th August on BBC1.

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