Tragic death sends SHOCKWAVES around Albert Square in EastEnders tonight

EastEnders Karen Taylor
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The residents of Albert Square are left reeling tonight after one EastEnders favourite is found dead in a heartbreaking tragedy.

There’s panic in EastEnders tonight when one resident tragically commits suicide. Struggling MS sufferer Dinah confided in Karen some time ago that she couldn’t deal with her deteriorating health any longer and was planning to end her life.

When she asked Karen to be by her side when the moment came, a horrified Karen flat out refused. Determined to pull Dinah out of her depression, she did everything she could to help bring her round. But it was clear that Dinah was determined to put an end to her suffering and release her young daughter Bailey from the strain of caring for her.

EastEnders Bailey Baker and Dinah

Dinah and Bailey have a cuddle

In tonight’s episode, Karen thinks that her attempts to give Dinah something to live for have worked. When she pops into the flat to visit her, Dinah seems to be in good spirits. It should set off alarm bells for Karen when Dinah asks if Bailey can stay over with her later but sadly she doesn’t realise what Dinah is planning…

Before Karen and Chantelle arrive to take football mad Bailey to the park for a kickabout, Dinah has some precious time alone with her daughter. It almost breaks her heart and for a moment it seems that she may be having second thoughts.

EastEnders Bailey Baker, Karen Taylor and Chantelle Atkins

Karen and Chantelle play catch with Bailey.

Bailey goes out with Karen and Chantelle and an oblivious Mitch later pops in on Dinah to check on her. But he is horrified by what he finds… An ambulance is called and when Mick sees a traumatised Mitch in the Square he rushes to comfort his friend.

As Karen returns home she sees the ambulance and she goes into shock. She knows instantly that Dinah went through with her suicide plan.

Will Karen and Mitch be able to cope with Dinah’s death? Although both of them went above and beyond to be there for her and Bailey the guilt of knowing about Dinah’s tragic plan could destroy Karen. And what will Mitch say when he finds out the truth?

EastEnders is on BBC1 tonight at 7.30pm

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