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TV Tonight: our highlights for Thursday, August 11

TV Tonight Alex and Kyle from Ambulance sit in their vehicle
Ambulance's new series begins this evening. (Image credit: BBC/Dragonfly Film and Television/ Ryan McNamara)

On TV tonight, we join the North East Ambulance Service for another emotional series of Ambulance, Alex Polizzi is on the case for another edition of The Hotel Inspector, National Geographic takes a birdseye view of Europe in Europe From Above and Channel 4 takes us inside Crystal Palace's youth training scheme in Football Dreams: The Academy. Here's what you shouldn't miss on TV tonight.

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What's on TV tonight

Our expert TV journalists have picked the best things on TV tonight... 

Best TV shows on TV tonight

Ambulance, 9 pm, BBC One

TV tonight Tom and Sam sit in a control room.

Get ready to meet a new team of emergency service workers.  (Image credit: BBC/Dragonfly Film and Television/Ryan McNamara)

By the end of this highly emotional series opener there won’t be a dry eye in the house. Cameras follow a different team this time, North East Ambulance Service, and the first shift gets off to a heartbreaking start when crew members Sophie and Jack are called out to help a family of refugees. But the dad’s plight weighs heavily on Sophie as she learns he was horrifically tortured in his home country of Iraq, causing extreme PTSD. Meanwhile, paramedic Kyle is deeply affected when he’s blue-lighted to a man who has been bedbound for four years, and also by the plight of 62-year-old Janice, who’s in agony with a suspected spinal injury after being assaulted during a family argument. 

★★★ HD 

Europe from Above, 8 pm, National Geographic

TV Tonight Europe From Above

Get a look at Europe from a whole new angle. (Image credit: National Geographic)

The series that takes an aerial view of European history, culture and engineering returns with six new episodes including Denmark, Serbia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania and, tonight’s subject, Scotland. We see its lochs and glens, beaches and rivers along with golf courses such as St Andrews and modern structures like the Queensferry Crossing, while the changing seasons dramatically alter the landscape, turning the ling heather purple in the summer and historic castles such as Dunnottar white with snow in the winter. 

★★★ JP

Football Dream: The Academy, 9 pm, Channel 4

Tv Tonight an academy player weaves around some obstacles in Football Dreams: The Academy

Get to know some of the young hopefuls trying to make it big in the Premier League. (Image credit: Channel 4)

Every young football fan dreams of playing in the Premier League, yet even those who are talented enough to be scouted by the top clubs face a battle against the odds to make the grade. This new series, which takes us behind the scenes at Crystal Palace’s South London-based youth academy, shows us just how tough that journey can be, while also giving a fascinating glimpse of a side of the sport rarely seen on screen. The academy trains players from eight to 18, and tonight’s opener follows three 11-year-old pals and their families as they strive to earn a contract. But will they all make it to the next level? 

★★★★ SMA 

The Hotel Inspector, 9 pm, Channel 5

TV Tonight Alex Polizzi with two hoteliers at Rosehill House Hotel

The Hotel Inspector returns to Rosehill House in Burnley. (Image credit: Channel 5)

When Alex Polizzi first visited Rosehill House in Burnley, run by a father-and-daughter team, there were plenty of tears. Dad John was ready to turn the beautiful old manor house into flats, while daughter Emma was still passionate about keeping the family business alive. As always, Alex was like a bull in a china shop as she despaired at the tired décor, but, as always, she was also right – after the tears had been mopped up, Emma and John set to work and turned their tired old hotel into a thriving and beautiful wedding venue. Revisiting Rosehill House two years on, Alex is genuinely happy to be back and brings even more ideas to keep this blossoming business on the up. 

★★★ JL 

Best box set to watch on TV tonight

The Sandman, Netflix

TV Tonight Tom Sturridge in The Sandman

Tom Sturridge stars as Dream in Netflix's take on The Sandman. (Image credit: Netflix)

Neil Gaiman's sprawling comic book series has been described as "unfilmable" in the past, but Netflix has taken on the task by transforming his universe into this 10-part adaptation which is based on the first two arcs from the books. The Sandman tells the story of Morpheus — aka Dream — who rules over a realm known as The Dreaming, the fantasy world that awaits every single one of us as we dream. 

Tom Sturridge leads the cast alongside a whole host of exciting British stars including Charles Dance, Gwendoline Christie, David Thewlis, Stephen Fry, Jenna Coleman and Sanjeev Bhaskar. 

Best film to watch on TV tonight

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, 11.15 pm, BBC Two

A hugely entertaining romantic comedy starring Ewan McGregor as a stuffy fisheries expert and Emily Blunt as a PR consultant who tries to enlist his help for the eccentric project that gives the film its title - introducing salmon to the waters of the Yemen, the dream of a fly-fishing-mad sheikh. Boasting a witty script, gorgeous photography and appealing performances, the film is a real treat.

Live Sport

  • The Hundred 2022: Oval Invincibles vs Northern Superchargers, 2.30 pm (start time 3 pm), Sky Sports Main Event/The Hundred/NOW
  • The Hundred 2022: Oval Invincibles vs Northern Superchargers (women), 6 pm (start time 6.30 pm), Sky Sports Main Event/The Hundred/NOW

Soaps on TV tonight

If you watch just one thing on TV tonight…

Don't miss Ambulance on TV tonight — there's another emotional series on the cards with the North East Ambulance Service. 

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Happy viewing!

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