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Waterloo Road's Zoe Lucker: ‘Carol and George's relationship makes her daughter feel sick!’

(Image credit: BBC/Shed Productions (WR) Ltd/Toby Merritt)

Waterloo Road’s Carol Barry has her fling with wealthy teacher George Windsor revealed in front of everyone in the canteen next Wednesday!

Carol has been secretly seeing George (Angus Deayton) since George defended Carol from her sleazy boss at a bar.

“They’ve both been surprised by it,” says Zoe Lucker, who plays canteen-worker Carol. “She actually does like him, she finds him amusing and sweet and kind. But at the heart of it it’s about money for Carol. Obviously being a dinner lady where your kids are at school isn’t quite what she wanted.”

But trouble brews when George’s super-rich mum Mrs Windsor (Wendy Craig) arrives at the school unannounced. Snobby Mrs Windsor gets whiff of Carol and George’s relationship and furiously reveals it in the school canteen.

And the gossip soon spreads to Carol’s disgusted daughter Dynasty.

“Although Dynasty wants her mum to be happy, it makes her feel sick when she finds out she’s seeing George!” says Zoe. “But Carol’s seen an opportunity to make some cash – so she’s going for it!”