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What’s On TV Tonight? Our Pick Of The Best Shows: Wednesday 8th November

Detectorists series three Wednesday 8th November
(Image credit: BBC/Channel X/Chris Harris)

TV Times tops picks for tonight

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight three of the best shows on telly tonight for Wednesday 8th November

Detectorists, 10.00pm, BBC4

Series three of the gentle metal-detecting comedy kicks off with a suited-and-booted City boy striding manfully down a corridor. Is this the wrong show? All is soon explained – these London types plan on erecting a huge solar farm in the countryside where Andy (Mackenzie Crook) and Lance (Toby Jones) like to search for ancient treasure. ‘Is there a Nobel prize for metal detecting?’ wonders Lance, before pulling a scaffold clamp from the soil. Welcome back, guys. Rating: ****

Doc Martin, 9.00pm, ITV

Doc Martin

(Image credit: Neil Genower)

Will Martin really be struck off? It seems like a distinct possibility in tonight’s finale, as the Doc awaits his hearing and the village goes into meltdown without him. One of the many disgruntled patients desperate for Martin’s attention is American tourist Beth Traywick (superstar Sigourney Weaver reprising her guest role), who is worried that she is suffering from a hereditary ‘Celtic curse’. Keen to protect the Doc, Mrs Tishell makes it her duty to keep Beth at bay… hilarious when you know that the two actresses are great friends in real life! Meanwhile, Penhale unveils a bust of himself, Louisa worries for Martin and Bert’s new whisky blend proves lethal. Rating: ****

The Rebel, 10.00pm, Gold

The Rebel , Simon Callow

Irascible Brighton pensioner Henry, delightfully played by Simon Callow, is back as the senior-citizen sitcom returns for a full series following last year’s initial three episodes. Money is the theme of this opener, as Henry’s daughter Cath (Anna Crilly) faces eviction, while his friend Charles (Bill Paterson) appears to have abandoned his hippy convictions after inheriting some money. Bankers and estate agents are on the receiving end of Henry’s wrath as he sets about raising funds, and there are touching moments as he sits at home chatting to the urn containing his late wife’s ashes. The soundtrack’s pretty good, too. Rating: ****

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