Why the Selling Sunset agents staged a ‘care-frontation’ with Chelsea Lazkani

Chelsea Lazkani and Christine Quinn
Chelsea Lazkani and Christine Quinn in Selling Sunset. (Image credit: Netflix)

There is a stunning new agent gracing the bright pastel boudoirs of Netflix luxury real estate series Selling Sunset – and British-Nigerian beauty Chelsea Lazkani was forewarned by the others about notorious Christine Quinn.

The agents Chrishell, Davina, Maya & co decided Chelsea needed to know exactly what hot tongs she is picking up by bonding with Christine – the agent the others all love to hate. So they held a 'care-frontation’ and revealed why none of them were pals with Christine.

“I hate that we’re being portrayed as mean girls this season,” Heather Rae El Moussa told Netflix Tudum. “There’s a reason why we choose not to have someone in our lives. There’s one person all of us girls have an issue with.” 

Emma Hernan, who debuted in season 4, added: “These people are the opposite of mean girls. These are the most supportive girls to me, personally. I struggled in high school and coming into this group has been the biggest breath of fresh air.”

Without naming her, Chrishell Stause said of Christine: “It’s true that we don’t all get along. It is really hard if you’re being given an energy from someone. There are always times I wish I could have been better, but it’s difficult to support someone toxic.”

Toxicity is subjective, however, and it's not an energy Christine believes she exudes: “I think the thing they get wrong about me is that I’m just like everyone else. We have this thing up here that is our brain, and we have this thing here that’s our heart.

“I think the hardest thing is you’re seen one way, and then people don’t realise that you have feelings. People make mistakes and it’s OK.”

For her part, Chelsea appears strong-minded and unlikely to allow the group to sway her opinion of her new buddy. “The type of person I am and where my value system lies, I really just call things out how I see them, and I didn’t take into account prior behaviour,” she said.

Selling Sunset season 5 is not entirely about Christine and her chaos – it also portrays the break-up of Chrishell and estate agency co-owner Jason Oppenheim’s relationship, sales of Cary Grant’s former estate and a $20 million Sunset Strip party pad as well as Mary's gazumping of Emma just as she is on the verge of buying a place for her parents.

Of course, each season features the will she/won’t she storyline about Christine’s future  in the company and on the show. “Christine runs Selling Sunset, let’s face it,” says Maya. “If Christine leaves the show, what are we going to have?”

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