Casualty spoilers: Dylan Keogh deals with a sexual harassment accusation!

Dylan Keogh looks worried, as Robyn MiIler looks on concerned.
Does Dylan Keogh hold the fate of his ED employees in his hand? (Image credit: BBC)

Dylan Keogh has a full plate in Casualty episode Trigger (BBC1, 8.35pm, Saturday, March 26 2022 - See our TV Guide for listings) when he's forced to deal with serious staff accusations…

Full Casualty spoilers below…

Dylan Keogh’s double dilemma day

Dylan Keogh may have had the role of ED clinical lead thrust upon him after Connie Beauchamp’s sudden departure, but he has undoubtedly risen to the challenge. 

Since taking on the job Dylan (William Beck) has proven to be an effective and supportive leader - although he isn’t always comfortable with some of the more subtle, personal interactions and emotional elements of staff management.

This week, Dylan is dismayed when he must deal with two separate disciplinary actions involving ED employees. 

Paul fired?

First up, part-time receptionist Paul Pegg has a final disciplinary hearing with human resources, which requires Dylan in attendance. Paul is in trouble for selling dodgy herbal remedies on hospital grounds and using work resources to reveal the whereabouts of visiting Councillor Miller (Olwen Medi), which led to Robyn Miller confronting her!

Worried Paul Pegg suited and booted before his HR hearing.

Is Paul pegged for unemployment? (Image credit: BBC)

Paul is in quite the pickle and dodging calls from his landlord for overdue rent. But not wanting to lose face, when Robyn (Amanda Henderson) asks why he’s suited and booted, he lies and says he’s up for promotion!

It’s not long until Dylan reveals the real reason for Paul's meeting with HR.

When Paul overhears Dylan bemoaning his incompetence as a receptionist it looks like his fate is sealed…

Will he get the sack?

And, there’s more drama for Dylan…

Paul’s hearing is only the tip of the iceberg. When a situation arises between Matthew Afolami and Stevie Nash, Dylan is forced to take drastic action!

Matthew (Osi Okerafor) accuses former lover and senior work colleague Stevie (Elinor Lawless) of sexual harassment.

The big story in Casualty this week is that Matthew makes a career-ending complaint against Stevie…

Stevie Nash is scared as Matthew works on a critically ill patient.

Stevie Nash is terrified for the ED patients in Matthew's care. (Image credit: BBC)

The shocking events kick off after Stevie expresses concern to Matthew that his post-traumatic stress-disorder (PTSD) is endangering patients.

When she confronts him, the former war zone doctor breaks down in tears and confesses he blames himself for patients' deaths. In this tender moment the couple kiss and Matthew promises to talk to clinical lead Dylan Keogh…

Later, however, Stevie is utterly stunned when Dylan reveals Matthew has accused her of sexual harassment and orders her to leave the ED!

Stevie, however, isn’t going quietly. But her attempts to expose Matthew backfire and the situation escalates.

Will Stevie be dismissed?

Matthew and Elinor kiss tenderly.

Sealed with a kiss. Is Stevie's fate decided? (Image credit: BBC)

Also in Casualty this week…

Stevie, worried about Matthew’s use of field medicine on patients, turns to Faith Cadogan and Rash Masum to help her keep an eye on him.

Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) thinks Stevie is overreacting, while Rash (Neet Mohan) flat out refuses to spy on Matthew. 

Meanwhile, Matthew’s PTSD develops into a living nightmare for the traumatised medic.

And Robyn blames herself for Paul’s predicament… Can anything be done to save his job?

Matthew moments after waking up from a terrifying nightmare.

Warning: The opening scenes of this week's Casualty are like a horror film, as Matthew's nightmares intensify.  (Image credit: BBC)
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