Casualty spoilers: Rash Masum is stabbed!

Rash Masum clutches at his neck after being stabbed, while Paige races to his rescue.
Rash Masum is stabbed - can Paige save him? (Image credit: BBC)

Rash Masum has an action-packed shift in Casualty episode Found You (BBC1, 8.50pm, Saturday 21 May 2022 - See our TV Guide for listings) after paramedic Iain Dean brings deadly ill trafficking victim Elvira into the ED.

Full Casualty spoilers below…

Rash Masum put his heart — and then his life — on the line!

Rash Masum throws caution to the winds this week in the name of love!

Eagle-eyed Casualty fans will probably have noticed Rash's face light up whenever Paige Allcott comes into a room. So it's with great delight that we can reveal...  The shy medic plucks up his courage and asks Paige out!

Unfortunately, the words are barely out of Rash's mouth before Paige (Shalisha James-Davis) turns him down, saying that it’s not a good time.

Embarrassed Rash (Neet Mohan) puts on his professional head, apologises immediately, and everything seems to return to normal between the two medics. 

But, as an intense shift unfolds, the young doctors face a life-and-death scenario that brings them closer together — yet also threatens to tear them apart... permanently! More on this below.

Rash is crushed when Paige turns him down.

Rash is crushed when Paige turns him down. (Image credit: BBC)

Iain’s deadly decision

Before we get to that, however, we need to talk about Iain Dean!

For months Iain (Michael Stevenson) has been consumed with finding trafficking victim Elvira. This week the plucky paramedic manages to track her down when he’s called to treat a woman at a local car wash.

The woman in need of assistance turns out to be Elvira, but by the time Iain gets there, she’s vanished.

Anisa Zaraj stars as Elvira in Casualty.

Brave Elvira (Anisa Zaraj) plans her escape. (Image credit: BBC)

In the meantime, word has gotten back to Elvira (Anisa Zaraj) that a paramedic has been asking for her! She manages to escape her ruthless captors and chases after Iain’s ambulance, but is struck down by an oncoming car.

Iain springs into action and races Elvira to the ED, but even there she isn’t safe - modern slavery boss Pavel (Original Gangster's Shezai Fejzo) has sent his henchman Ciprian to the hospital…

Iain Dean demands justice for Elvira.

Iain Dean demands justice for Elvira. (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Iain’s furious when police officer Ffion Morgan (Stirling Gallacher) reveals there isn’t enough evidence to make arrests! He returns to the car wash determined to bring Elvira’s evil enslavers to justice. 

At the ED Ciprian approaches Elvira with a knife, while at the car wash Iain gets into a violent fight with Pavel, who is clearing out all his victims. 

Will Iain and Elvira escape with their lives?

Ffion has bad news for Iain - there's nothing she can do.

Ffion has bad news for Iain - so he takes the law into his own hands! (Image credit: BBC)

Rash romance

At the ED Rash and Paige work closely to save Elvira. But Paige, who is hiding a secret heartache, freezes mid-procedure. Seeing that she’s struggling, Rash advises Paige to take a break and, alone in the toilets, the young medic breaks down.

Later, in the staff room, Rash can see Paige has been crying and, deeply concerned, he encourages her to open up. 

Paige reveals that her mother died six weeks previously. As well as grieving for her mum, she’s also terrified at the prospect of having to take a BRCA test to see if she carries the gene for breast cancer.

After a touching heart-to-heart, Rash and Paige return to treat Elvira and discover an armed-and-dangerous Ciprian standing over her with a knife!

Grieving Paige opens up to Rash about the recent death of her mother.

Grieving Paige opens up to Rash about the recent death of her mother.  (Image credit: BBC)

Life-saving decision

Ciprian lunges at the medics in a desperate bid to escape. Rash throws himself in front of the knife and is slashed across the neck in the process, while Paige screams for help.

Ciprian (Informer and Hope Street star Andi Jashy) is subdued and Paige left shaken. Has Rash been mortally wounded? 

Teddy with Iain at the start of their shift.

The calm before the storm. Will Teddy's first day back turn out to be deadly?  (Image credit: BBC)

Also in Casualty this week...

It’s Teddy Gowan’s (Milo Clarke) first day back at work and he’s thrown into the deep end when he’s partnered with Iain. Was his mum right to be worried about him working as a paramedic?

Paul Pegg (Paul Popplewell) has his hands full managing angry patients waiting for treatment at the under-resourced ED.

Dylan gets irritated with the police roaming around the ED.

Unfair cop! Dylan becomes irritated with the police at the ED. (Image credit: BBC)

Stressed Dylan Keogh (William Beck) is unimpressed at the lack of support the overrun ED is exposed to. Will the team be able to cope as violence spills into their midst?

He's also unhappy with the behaviour of two young police officers on duty at the ED and gives them a taste of his trademark sarcasm!

Iain Dean covered in bruises and stitches at the ED. What has he done?

Iain Dean soon needs treatment at the ED. What has he done? (Image credit: BBC)

Robyn Miller (Amanda Henderson) is shocked by Iain’s furious demeanour in the ED, but is soon occupied with treating and then finding Ciprian, who does a runner mid-treatment. Will she figure out who he is in time?

And, finally, Faith Cadogan (Kirsty Mitchell) asks one of her male co-workers out for a drink… But who? And will the Casualty favourite accept?

Faith at work. Who does she ask out for a drink?

This week Faith works with both Dylan and Iain - but who does she ask out? (Image credit: BBC)

Casualty airs on Saturday, May 21 2022 at 8.50pm on BBC1. The episode is available on iPlayer after transmission. 

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