Casualty Spoilers: Robyn Miller’s life and death fight ends in tragedy?

Robyn Miller faces a life and death fight.
Will Robyn Miller die in the ED? (Image credit: BBC)

As Robyn Miller fights for her life in Casualty episode Just Between Us (BBC1, 9.15pm, Saturday 08 October 2022 - See our TV Guide for listings) Adi Kapadia shows his true colours! Which may explain why he and Paul Pegg get into a fight! Elsewhere, Stevie Nash is faced with an old foe — Jonty is back, and he’s in a bad way… Will she blame herself?

Full spoilers below…

Robyn Miller dies?

When the credits rolled last week Robyn Miller had collapsed in the hospital car park, alone, coughing up blood, and struggling to breathe.

This week Casualty picks up directly from this scary cliffhanger with Robyn (Amanda Henderson) losing consciousness by her car. 

Dylan Keogh treats gravely ill Robyn.

Dylan Keogh treats gravely ill Robyn. (Image credit: BBC)

Fortunately ED receptionist Paul Pegg (Paul Popplewell) finds her in the nick of time and sounds the alarm. The terrified nurse is rushed to resus where clinical lead, Dylan Keogh, and senior consultant, Ethan Hardy desperately try to diagnose and treat her. 

All Robyn’s friends and colleagues are on tenterhooks as news about her deteriorating condition spreads. Well, not all of them, it turns out…

The three men in Robyn's life are deeply anxious - but for very different reasons...

The three men in Robyn's life are deeply anxious - but for very different reasons... (Image credit: BBC)

Social worker Adi Kapadia is furious that Robyn has failed to turn up to an important scan and can’t contain his anger. His boyfriend Marty Kirkby (Shaheen Jafargholi) is shocked as Adi (Raj Bajaj) loses his cool!

At first Marty gives Adi the benefit of the doubt but, when it comes to light that Robyn’s fighting for her life due to rare side effects from the IVF treatment, Adi continues with his outrageous behaviour. More on this below!

A friend in need…

Even close to death brave Robyn's main concern is her daughter Charlotte and, for the second time that day, Paul comes to the rescue. He heads to the school, reassures Charlotte that everything is okay and videos her school play for Robyn. 

Meanwhile, at the ED a weak and shaken Robyn begins to come round. 

Marty and Adi are at her bedside, yet instead of being concerned that she was knocking on death’s door, Adi is single mindedly focused on their surrogacy arrangement. 

Adi and Marty by Robyn's bedside.

It looks like Robyn has an angel and a demon on her shoulders. (Image credit: BBC)

Marty shaken

Disgusted, Marty warns Adi to back off. He makes it clear that they need to talk to each other first and foremost, before even considering discussing anything with their deathly ill friend. Then, angry as anything, Marty returns to work.

By this time, Paul has returned to the ED with a special delivery - a little Jellyfish, AKA Charlotte, bringing Robyn a needed boost. But this sliver of joy is shattered. Adi makes his way to Robyn’s room while Paul is busy looking after Charlotte and Marty is preoccupied with patients…

Adi's behaviour gives Marty cause for concern.

Adi's behaviour gives Marty cause for concern. (Image credit: BBC)

Adi crosses the line

Adi begins piling pressure on an exhausted and distressed Robyn, using emotional manipulation, guilt, and psychological coercion. He even goes so far as to invent an imaginary child in a bid to persuade the distraught single mum to continue with the surrogacy. 

But the game is up when Paul walks in and witnesses Adi in action! 

All squared up. Paul and Adi get physical!

All squared up. Paul and Adi get physical! (Image credit: BBC)

ED fight club

The enraged receptionist starts getting pushy-shovey with the self-centred social worker, leading to a comedy scrap in the ED! Accusations and punches are thrown. Faces are slapped. Insults are hurled. 

As their fight spills out onto the wards, the terrible truth comes out in front of everyone. It looks like Adi may be going home alone tonight and won’t be welcome in the ED for quite some time.

Shocked and saddened Marty is forced to completely reassess their relationship. Is this a tragic end for the couple?

Will the day end in tragedy for Adi and Marty?

Will the day end in tragedy for Adi and Marty? (Image credit: BBC)

Also in Casualty this week

Stevie Nash’s determination to clear beds leads to heartbreaking repercussions involving sacked anaesthetist Jonty Buchanan.

This week we discover that, since losing his job, Jonty has been kicked out of his house and rarely sees his son, Freddie. He’s also hit the bottle in a big way.

In Saturday’s episode Jonty - played by returning guest and Poldark star Richard Harrington - arrives at the family home in a drunken fury and badly injures himself trying to get inside.  

Jonty smashes in the glass of his front door.

Here's Jonty...  (Image credit: BBC)

His wife, Sian, takes him to the ED, where he flat out refuses to be seen by Stevie (Elinor Lawless). Eager to get him treated and discharged, Stevie instructs junior doctor Paige Allcott (Shalisha James-Davis) to patch Jonty up and send him on his way.

Paige is convinced Jonty needs further assessment.

Paige is convinced Jonty needs further assessment. (Image credit: BBC)

Paige is reluctant to discharge Jonty until he sobers up and gets a mental health assessment. Stevie, however, has set herself a mission to prove she’s clinical lead material. At her insistence Jonty is discharged to clear beds. 

Tragically, before Stevie’s shift is over, Jonty is back in the ED, in need of urgent treatment - and he’s not the only one… 

Has Stevie made a deadly error?

Stevie's actions have shocking repercussions and lead to a career-defining showdown.

Stevie's actions have shocking repercussions and lead to a showdown. (Image credit: BBC)

Elsewhere, Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson) is forced to break up one of the most unusual fights he’s ever seen in his ED career. Which is saying something.

This episode of Casualty airs on Saturday, October 8 2022 at 9.15pm on BBC One and is available on iPlayer after transmission. 

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