Coronation Street spoilers: George Shuttleworth gets a big surprise…

George Shuttleworth is disappointed in Sean's new man.
George Shuttleworth is disappointed in Sean's new man. (Image credit: ITV)

George Shuttleworth is rocked when he meets Sean’s new boyfriend in Monday's episode of Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings). 

Frank calls at No.11 and Eileen mistakes him for an ex-prisoner selling door to door. When Sean reveals that Frank is his new boyfriend, Eileen’s mortified about the way she acted in front of him. In the Rovers, Sean introduces Frank to George Shuttleworth but he becomes flustered recognising Frank from school. What went on between these two in the past?

Last week’s episodes started with a flashforward of Imran leaving a chilling message for Toyah in which he revealed everything. A perfect storm brewed and saw tragedy unfold in the form of a horrific car crash. The street continues to reel in the aftermath of the accident as Alfie’s future seems increasingly uncertain…

Summer informs Asha that the exam board is still looking into her appeal and it’s up to her whether or not she chooses to sit her final exam. 

Later, Summer heads for lunch with Aaron to take her mind off things but she’s touched when Aadi calls with a set of homemade revision cards. However, when Mary lets slip that Todd’s planning a surprise party to celebrate the end of her exams, how will she react? 

Summer feels the pressure to succeed.

Summer feels the pressure to succeed. (Image credit: ITV)

Max offers to help school friend Sonya with her media studies homework and, after a few messages, Sonya agrees to a date. Max grins at his screen, whilst David and Shona watch amused. 

Max bags a date!

Max bags a date! (Image credit: ITV)

When Leo admits how much he’s enjoyed brewing his own beer in the cellar, Jenny has an idea and reveals that his home brew beer is now their guest ale. 

Coronation Street continues on Wednesday at 8pm.

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