Coronation Street spoilers: Nick Tilsley tells Leanne the truth!

Leanne is shocked when Nick tells her about Damon
Leanne is shocked when Nick tells her about Damon. (Image credit: ITV)

Nick Tilsley reveals the truth about Damon in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Sam asks for some tips on fighting and Damon’s happy to give him advice, before telling Nick Tilsley that he’s expecting a delivery of drugs at the bistro this afternoon and it’s up to him to deal with it. Conny approaches Sam in the school corridor but to her surprise, Sam stands up for himself. 

Meanwhile, Nick takes a call from the school informing him that Sam’s been in a fight. Nick’s furious when Sam explains about Damon’s advice and Leanne is baffled by Nick’s overreaction. Knowing his time is up, Nick confesses to Leanne that Damon is Harvey’s brother and he’s using the bistro for drug deliveries. How will she react? 

Daniel spots Justin on the street and warns him to stay away from Daisy. But he doesn’t listen and tells Daisy that he’s prepared to back off to give her time to break the news to Daniel that she doesn’t love him anymore. Will she realise it’s time she reported him to the police? 

Later, Daisy’s thrilled to receive a sample wedding invitation and immediately takes a selfie to post on her socials…

Justin won't take no for an answer

Justin won't take no for an answer. (Image credit: ITV)

When Dev reveals that his golfing partner has let him down, Bernie offers to step in. In the Rovers, Bernie lords it over sulky Dev and tells Chesney how she thrashed him on the course. When she then takes a call from the ladies’ golf captain asking her to take part in next week’s trials, Dev does his best to be pleased for her.

Bernie gets the better of Dev

Bernie gets the better of Dev. (Image credit: ITV)

Also, Eileen returns from Thailand and George, Todd, Sean and Mary welcome her home. She presents Todd with some boxing gloves from Thailand and insists he and George give them a go but he takes a swing at Todd, accidentally cracking his tooth. Sean and Laurence find Todd nursing his cracked tooth and books him an appointment with Laurence. How will he react?

Fiz suggests to Beth that the four of them should sit down and talk through the incident with Hope but when she returns home and is furious and storms out.

Coronation Street continues on Monday at 8pm.

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