Coronation Street spoilers: Stephen Reid takes LSD!

Stephen Reid mistakenly takes LSD
Stephen Reid mistakenly takes LSD. (Image credit: ITV)

Stephen Reid gets a taste of his own medicine in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings) — airing a day later than usual due to the FA Cup football.

As Carla prepares for the Nippersnapper presentation, Stephen Reid laces her tea with LSD but she spits it out, complaining he’s used full-fat milk. Stephen suddenly realises he’s given her the wrong one, meaning he or Sarah has drunk LSD! 

As they arrive at the hotel for the presentation, Stephen takes the stage and it dawns on him that he drunk the LSD when his vision becomes blurred and he starts to sweat profusely. As he takes a trip down memory lane will Stephen unmask himself? 

When Dr Gaddas tells Paul his hand could take up to 12 weeks to heal, Gemma urges him to go after Carla for loss of earnings. Having realised Carla wasn’t insured to drive the van, Peter offers Paul £15k compensation but asks that in return he drops the case. At first, Paul accepts but on Dee-Dee’s advice he returns the £15k, explaining he needs to wait until he’s had a full diagnosis. 

Peter makes Paul an offer he can't refuse

Peter makes Paul an offer he can't refuse. (Image credit: ITV)

When Summer discovers Aaron has been having late night phone conversations with his ex Mia she’s less than impressed…

When Daisy’s hair stylist cancels her wedding booking, Jenny suggests using Maria but Daisy brands her old and out of touch. Maria’s offended but agrees to help when Daisy later apologises. As her phone pings repeatedly, she gets upset and Maria opens up about her ordeal with a stalker.

Maria has some advice for Daisy.

Maria has some advice for Daisy. (Image credit: ITV)

With Gemma busy, Sally offers to look after Glory. Pretending she needs to nip out, she leaves Faye with her. When she returns to find them playing Sally hopes her ploy has worked…

Elsewhere, Kevin is sad to learn his Dad has had a heart attack.

Coronation Street continues on Friday at 8pm.

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