'Doctors’ spoilers: Is Karen Hollins’ marriage over?

Doctors week 39
Karen Hollins and her husband Rob have another row. (Image credit: BBC)

Karen Hollins (Jan Pearson) and her husband, Rob (Chris Walker) are at loggerheads again in today’s episode of the BBC daytime drama Doctors (BBC1, 1.45pm - see our TV Guide for listings).

In yesterday’s episode the couple had a blazing row after Rob got drunk and let off steam with GP Sid Vere (Ashley Rice). 

After their angry outbursts with each other, today Karen and Rob decide they need time to cool off.

Karen goes off to work but when she’s on the receiving end of some banter from Luca McIntyre (Ross McLaren), it’s all too much for her and she lashes out.

GP Emma Reid (Dido Miles) witnesses Karen’s outburst and tells her colleague Jimmi Clay (Adrian Lewis Morgan) she’s worried about Karen.

Jimmi tries to talk to Karen who bursts into tears. 

Jimmi tries to comfort her and tells her that she and Rob are such a strong couple, they can get through anything. 

Karen is bolstered by Jimmi’s words and returns home, determined to sort things out with Rob. However she could be in for a shock when it seems that Rob has different ideas!

Makeda Sylvester played by Angela Wynter in Doctors

Makeda Sylvester has decided to close her café business. (Image credit: BBC1)

Elsewhere, Bear Sylvester (Dex Lee) is worried when his mum, Makeda (Angela Wynter) arrives at the surgery and tells him that she’s closed her café for good. 

Bear blames himself but Makeda says that it’s been on the cards for a while.

Bear is determined to help his mum out and later rings Makeda telling him to hear him out, he’s going to come up with a plan to save the business. 

Will Makeda be convinced to give things another try?

Doctor Zara Carmichael played by Elisabeth Dermot Walsh in Doctors

Doctor Zara Carmichael tries to help a young cancer patient.  (Image credit: BBC1)

Plus GP Zara Carmichael (Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) supports a student called Cassie Clarke (Bessie Coates)  who has returned to university following a cancer scare. Cassie visits Zara and says she’s worried about a recurrence of her lymphoma. 

Later on Cassie’s housemate Sian Bryce (Georgie Bruce) listens when Zara tells her she’s worried about Cassie who is refusing to be referred to an oncologist. 

Can Zara help Cassie who is so worried about her cancer returning?

Zara, who identifies with Cassie, offers counselling insisting that she can get through this. 

Doctors continues every Monday to Thursday at 1:45pm on BBC One.

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