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'Doctors' spoilers: Valerie Pitman has a REVELATION!

Doctors spoilers, Valerie Pitman
Valerie Pitman makes a BIG decision about her future on today's episode of Doctors! (Image credit: BBC)

Valerie Pitman (played by Sarah Moyle) reaches an unexpected decision about her future on Doctors (1.45pm - see our TV Guide for listings).

Surgery receptionist Valerie wants to offer her colleague Jimmi Clay (Adrian Lewis Morgan) a friendly, listening ear after he was so helpful to her during her own recent crisis.

But somehow the counselling session quickly becomes less about Jimmy... and more about Valerie!

Valerie starts musing about her own life and suddenly has a flash of inspiration about the future.

Before Jimmi can find out more, Valerie is out the door!

WHAT is Valerie's big decision?

Doctors spoilers, Zara Carmichael, Emma Reid

Can Zara and Emma help call a truce between Al and Jimmi on Doctors? (Image credit: BBC)

There's still tension at the surgery after the big fallout between Jimmi and Al Haskey (Ian Midlane).

The fellas aren't speaking to each other and only communicating through third parties, which is getting on everybody's nerves!

Daniel Granger (Matthew Chambers) is not impressed when he catches Zara Carmichael (Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) and Emma Reid (Dido Miles) gossiping about the situation and unsympathetic about the silly fallout between Al and Jimmi.

So Daniel tasks Zara and Emma with the challenge of trying to bring Al and Jimmi to their senses and end their feud.

But this may be easier said than done.

Especially when Al doesn't want to admit the truth about the part he played in their slanging match and would much rather sling more dirt in Jimmi's direction!

It looks like the ladies have their work cut out for them!

Doctors spoilers, Al Haskey, Jimmi Clay

Al and Jimmi are not on speaking terms on Doctors! (Image credit: BBC)

Rob Hollins (Chris Walker) is still signed-off work after his PTSD nightmare.

So the policeman heads to the park for some peace and quiet.

However, Rob finds himself investigating when he stumbles upon an abandoned pram containing a crying baby...

A little while later, a man David Sawyer (Sean Knopp) appears to reclaim his baby.

But David's anxious manner raises Rob's suspicions.

Is David really the baby's father?

Doctors spoilers, Rob Hollins, David Sawyer

Rob investigates after finding an abandoned baby on Doctors. (Image credit: BBC)

Doctors continues every Monday to Thursday at 1:45pm on BBC One