EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell takes a deadly overdose!

Ben Mitchell collapses
Ben Mitchell puts his life in danger! (Image credit: BBC)

Ben Mitchell collapses after taking drugs in Monday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Ben Mitchell has let James stay the night and his mum Kathy Beale is very unimpressed. When she overhears Ben making plans with James for later, she reminds him that it's his daughter Lexi Pearce's dance exam, followed by a family meal.

In the Minute Mart, Ben overhears Kheerat Panesar arguing with mum Suki Panesar and he tries to offer some advice. But Kheerat has no interest in what Ben's got to say, considering he was the one who betrayed them.

After getting in the middle of their row, Ben ends up being late for Lexi's dance exam. He tries to apologise but a hurt Lexi says she misses how he used to be.

Instead of realising the truth in his daughter's words, Ben snaps at her and poor little Lexi ends up in tears. As things continue to spiral out of control, Ben heads to the club to ask Tez for more drugs.

Ben's aunt Sam Mitchell sees him with Tez and she warns him to pull himself together. Ben brushes off her comments an instead heads out to a party to find James.

As Ben takes more drugs, James is frustrated and he tells him it's time he went home. 

On the way back, Ben realises he's late for Lexi's family dinner. Feeling full of shame, he calls Lexi to leave his daughter an emotional voicemail to say he's on his way. But as he finishes the message he collapses...

Has Ben overdosed?

Suki Panesar in EastEnders

Suki Panesar realises she's lost everything. (Image credit: BBC)

Suki Panesar is distraught after falling out with her family over her confession about what happened with son Jags Panesar. Following a nasty argument with Kheerat in the Minute Mart when Ben gets involved, she's later hit by another blow.

Kheerat bitterly tells Suki that he's renting No.41 and he's going to move in there with siblings Vinny and Ash Panesar, leaving Suki all on her own.

Dotty Cotton gets caught in the middle of the row and is shocked when Suki makes a desperate attempt to get her kids to stay. 

Kheerat isn't having any of it and he tells his mum that he's buying her out of the business...

Howie Danes meets with a mystery woman

What is Howie Danes hiding from Kim Fox? (Image credit: BBC)

Howie Danes has a mysterious phone call and he heads off to find Kim Fox. He awkwardly tells her that he wants to take her on a date later, as he has something to say.

Kim is taken aback by his serious tone and panics that he's planning to propose to her! Later, she's chatting with Felix Baker and she shares her fears, telling him that it's far too soon in their relationship.

Later, Howie phones Kim to tell her he needs to cancel their date and instead he heads out to meet a woman called Delilah. Howie is conflicted when Delilah encourages him to tell Kim the truth.

What is Howie hiding?

Also, Callum Highway tells Jay Brown that he needs someone to rent his spare room and he suggests that  Jay moves in.

EastEnders continues on BBC Two on Tuesday at 7:30 pm due to the Commonwealth Games on BBC One. All of this week's episodes will be available on iPlayer from Monday 1 August.