'EastEnders' spoilers: Dotty Cotton has a cat fight with Tiff!

Dotty Cotton is hit by Tiffany Butcher Baker in EastEnders
Tiffany Butcher-Baker hits Dotty Cotton where it really hurts! (Image credit: BBC)

Dotty Cotton faces rough justice from Tiffany Butcher-Baker in Friday's episode of EastEnders (8:00 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings)

Dotty Cotton is feeling a bit nervous after Tiffany Butcher-Baker insisted on pairing up with her in Nancy Carter's boxercise class, as it's clear the results aren't going to be pretty!

Still raging at Dotty for sleeping with her husband Keegan Butcher-Baker, Tiff has about had enough of Dotty, especially as living in the same house as her has proved to be even more of a wind up!

After Tiff partners up with Dotty she plays unfair by punching her in the stomach. Stunned by what Tiff's done, Dotty retaliates and soon a fight breaks out.

Nancy and Tiff's aunt Sonia rush over to break things up. Still raging, Tiff storms out of the gym, with Sonia rushing after her.

Sonia Fowler has a date in EastEnders

Sonia Fowler has a date with fellow gym-goer Ethan! (Image credit: BBC)

At home, Sonia does her best to calm down TIff and she gives her a bit of a good news. She reveals that she's got a date with the man from the gym, Ethan who was flirting with her!

Sonia heads out on her date with Ethan but when her dad Rocky Cant sees them together, it's clear he's not impressed with Sonia's new man.

Ruby Fowler has been trying to have a baby for a very long time, suffering numerous heartbreaks in the process. But with a medical plan now in place, she's been forging ahead with trying to get pregnant again.

She nervously waits for the results of her latest pregnancy test and she wells up when she sees it. Has her attempt failed this time or has she had success?

Later, Ruby is confronted by her husband Martin Fowler, who wants to know why she's been lying to him! Stunned by how upset Martin is, she finally makes a confession, revealing that she's the one who got his ex Stacey Slater sent down for assault...

Stuart Highway is excited in EastEnders

Stuart Highway is delighted as he shows off surrogate Bernie Taylor's baby scan. (Image credit: BBC)

Rainie Highway is getting agitated as her and hubby Stuart Highway's surrogate Bernie Taylor is due to have her baby scan. 

Stuart, Bernie, and Stuart's nan Vi Highway are excited when they see the scan, but they're puzzled by Rainie's distracted mood. What is on her mind?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday at 8:00 pm.

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