'EastEnders' spoilers: Ruby Fowler makes a bombshell confession!

Ruby Fowler is upset in EastEnders.
Ruby Fowler can't deal with her guilt any longer. (Image credit: BBC)

Ruby Fowler is nervous about her appointment in Thursday's EastEnders (see our TV Guide for full listings), with the doctor but insists that husband Martin Fowler doesn't need to come with her. Martin is hurt that Ruby is pushing him away and refusing to accept his help, but after confiding in Zack Hudson he's given food for thought.

Meanwhile, Jean Slater has an envelope stuffed full of cash given to her by Ruby Fowler and she shows it to Shirley Carter, who tells her that it's blood money for Ruby putting Jean's daughter Stacey Slater in prison. Jean knows what Shirley is saying is true and she tries to give the money back to Ruby.

When Ruby opens up about her hospital appointment, Jean softens. She agrees to take enough money to get her a train ticket to visit her son Sean Slater, then offers to go to the hospital with Ruby for support.

But with her guilt over wrongly accusing Stacey of pushing her down the stairs that landed Stacey a prison sentence becoming unbearable, she makes a shock confession to Jean... What is she about to say?

Chelsea Fox in EastEnders

Chelsea Fox has been out on the town WITHOUT Gray Atkins! (Image credit: BBC)

Chelsea Fox is in the Vic with a banger of a hangover after her night out at the club the previous evening. When boyfriend Gray Atkins messages her she is irritated and ignores it. 

Landlady Sharon Beale realises that Chelsea is having a bit of man trouble. From her wealth of personal experience she tells Chelsea she's better off finishing things right away!

Now that Gray has pretty much outlived his usefulness after getting her off the stolen goods charges, Chelsea is starting to tire of being with the family man, anyway. She confronts Gray with his keys to return them and tell him it's over. 

But will she go through with it?

Kat Slater is in the Square in EastEnders

Kat Slater is happy about Phil Mitchell's surprise offer. (Image credit: BBC)

Phil Mitchell tells girlfriend Kat Slater that he's going abroad to see his daughter Louise Mitchell as her mum Lisa Fowler has been injured. 

When he suggests that she look after his house while he's away, she is delighted!

Later, Kat gets a worrying message on her phone. What could it be?

Bobby Beale's friend Waseem helps him and Iqra Ahmed hand out leaflets for a new prayer room. When Waseem spots that the prayer room will be adjacent to the Prince Albert, he claims that it's not appropriate to be next to an LGBTQ inclusive bar.

Iqra is incensed by Waseem's words and she launches a passionate defence of her faith and her sexuality. Unfortunately, she is standing right next to girlfriend Mila Marwa and the social worker that she's trying to impress!

Has Iqra ruined Mila's chances of getting custody of her sister Kioni Marwa?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday at 8:00 pm.

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