EastEnders spoilers: Lola Pearce-Brown makes a shock discovery!

Lola Pearce-Brown visits Lexi Pearce's school
Lola Pearce-Brown is called into her daughter's school after an altercation. (Image credit: BBC)

Lola Pearce-Brown finds out that her client 'Nicole' is not who she seems in Monday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Lola Pearce-Brown is alarmed when she's called into daughter Lexi Pearce's school. She learns that an unknown woman attacked Lexi's friend Maisie, for picking on her about her mum's illness.

Worried that her vlog detailing her feelings about her brain tumour has attracted unwanted attention, Lola's concerned. 

With no idea who the woman was who turned up at the school, she's worried that her or her family may be in danger. 

Heading into the salon, Lola's life is turned upside down when she discovers that her client 'Nicole' is in fact her long lost mum Emma Harding!

Zack Hudson goes to the hospital with Whitney Dean

Zack Hudson is struggling to tell Whitney Dean the truth about his diagnosis. (Image credit: BBC)

Zack Hudson has finally faced up to his HIV diagnosis and has started on his medication. But he's still finding it difficult to confess to the mother of his baby, Whitney Dean that he had HIV when he got her pregnant.

With Whitney in a panic over the recent diagnosis of the baby, Zack does his best to support her. He encourages her to go in to the hospital to have more tests.

Relieved that Zack finally seems to have stepped up as a father-to-be, especially now she really is in her hour of need, Whitney goes to the hospital with him.

Once they arrive, Zack suddenly starts feeling a bit off. Knowing that the HIV medication can cause nausea, tiredness and headaches, he realises that he's had a reaction. 

Unable to tell Whitney why he's feeling peaky, will Zack leave Whitney feeling disappointed and abandoned yet again?

Sonia Fowler is impressed by lodger Jed and smiles at him in the cafe

Sonia Fowler is very impressed with new lodger Jed! (Image credit: BBC)

Sonia Fowler is pleased that new lodger Jed seems to be settling in well, especially after he impresses the local residents by setting up a community text group.

A jealous Reiss Colwell is definitely NOT impressed with the impression that a free-spirited Jed is making, as he's keen to oust him from the house!

Heading round to Sonia's to talk to her about Jed, Reiss is stunned when he walks in on something...

What are Jed and Sonia up to?

Also, Suki Panesar is annoyed when Nish Panesar leaves her out of a business discussion with Eve Unwin.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Wednesday at 7:30 pm, as there is no Tuesday episode due to FA Cup football.