EastEnders spoilers: Ravi Gulati is under pressure!

Ravi Gulati is under pressure at Nugget's birthday
Ravi Gulati is getting fed up with Kheerat Panesar's meddling. (Image credit: BBC)

Ravi Gulati tries to juggle family and dark secrets in Thursday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings)

Ravi Gulati is keen to cheer up his son Nugget Gulati, who's clearly been having a tough time of things lately. Rather than opening up about his feelings, Nugget has been acting out and caused all sorts of trouble at home and at school.

With his birthday coming up, Ravi suggests that the Panesar family help him throw a celebration for his son. It's clear Vinny Panesar and Ash Panesar are not that keen but Ravi manages to manipulate them into coming along.

Things are still tense between Ravi and Kheerat Panesar, who insist he's not going to be able to attend. But after a few words of wisdom from Stacey Slater he realises he's being out of order and he agrees to go after all.

At the meal, things are a bit tense around the table and Kheerat is getting increasingly suspicious that something untoward has happened to Ranveer Gulati, despite Nina Gupta's assurances to the contrary.

Will Kheerat manage to get to the truth or can Ravi deflect his questions?

Amy Mitchell has been in trouble in school

Jack Branning has been worried about the company Amy Branning is keeping. (Image credit: BBC)

Jack Branning is being very over protective of daughter Amy Mitchell and he's not been keen on her hanging out with Denzel Danes and Nugget Gulati. 

After finding out that Amy and Denzel were left alone together he goes off the deep end and confronts the pair, demanding to know if they were up to no good!

Denzel and Amy are NOT happy with Jack's accusations and they insist that they were just getting ready for Nugget's birthday party.

Denzel's dad Howie Danes - along with Kim Fox and Denise Fox - are completely taken aback by Jack's outburst, insisting that he's being completely over the top.

Will Jack apologise for his reaction?

Lola Pearce and Ben Mitchell with daughter Lexi Pearce

Lola Pearce suspects her ex Ben Mitchell could save his marriage (Image credit: BBC)

Lola Pearce gets an inkling that things might not be entirely over between Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway. 

When her daughter Lexi Pearce asks to interview her dad's ex Callum for a school project, Callum gives some very interesting answers...

Lola is listening in and she's sure from some of the things he's saying that he and Ben clearly still have feelings for each other.

Will she try to convince Ben to make one last attempt to get his marriage back?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Monday at 7:30 pm.