EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Watts is BETRAYED by Keanu!

Sharon Watts has a talk with Keanu Taylor
Sharon Watts opens up to Keanu Taylor about her feelings. (Image credit: BBC)

Sharon Watts makes a shock discovery about Keanu Taylor in Monday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Sharon Watts meets up with Keanu Taylor in the Queen Vic for a talk about what's going on between them. 

Ever since Keanu's return to Walford after Phil Mitchell agreed to let him stay around without fearing for his life, Sharon's head has been in a spin.

Keanu has made it quite clear that he has never stopped loving her, much to her astonishment. Sharon and Keanu had an ill-fated affair while Sharon was married to Phil, which resulted in baby Albie.

Although Sharon has tried to resist Keanu, not wanting to be hurt all over again, his presence in the Square has brought back all her old feelings for him.

Finally confronting their feelings for each other, they share a passionate reunion in the Queen Vic bathroom!

After the flustered pair return to the bar, Denise Fox makes a sarcastic comment and it's obvious to the other punters what Sharon and Keanu have been up to!

But it only takes a moment before Sharon is left heartbroken yet again when Keanu gets a voice note from Sam Mitchell. She hints at the hook up she and Keanu had when they were both in Spain and Sharon is devastated.

Furious with herself for letting Keanu back in, an upset Sharon tells Keanu to get out.

Gutted that he may have lost his chance with Sharon, a shocked Keanu leaves.

Has Keanu lost Sharon forever?

Kathy Beale comforts Linda Carter

Linda Carter relives her past with Kathy Beale. (Image credit: BBC)

Linda Carter is having a tough day after being sent a shocking photo from Mick's daughter sister Carly Wicks. She is devastated to see her ex-mother-in-law Shirley Carter happily sat with son Dean Wicks.

In 2014, Dean raped Linda after she offered him her support. He never faced justice for his crime and left Walford after attempting to rape his then girlfriend, the late Roxy Mitchell.

Seeing a picture of Dean brings back memories of that horrific night and Linda breaks down in the hallway of the Queen Vic.

When Kathy Beale finds her looking shaken, she encourages Linda to open up. Kathy was raped when she was a young woman by bar owner James Wilmot=Brown, so she understands the deep psychological wounds that Linda still carries with her.

After pulling herself together, Linda has to break some bad news to Sharon... 

Nish and Suki Panesar have made a counter offer to Janine Butcher for her missing-presumed-dead husband Mick Carter's share of the Queen Vic.

Already in a state over Keanu's betrayal, Sharon is furious with the Panesars for going behind her back to try and take the pub from her.

Denise Fox is frustrated by Jack Branning

Denise Fox feels ignored by Jack Branning yet again. (Image credit: BBC)

Denise Fox goes for a drink with husband Jack Branning in the Vic but as usual, he's distracted and doesn't give his wife much of his time.

When Ravi Gulati turns up, Denise wants to prove a point to a smitten Ravi that she's happily married to Jack and makes a show of kissing her husband.

After Jack heads off to deal with something at work, Denise stays behind and carries on drinking. As she gets more and more tipsy, she makes a move on Ravi. 

Not wanting to take advantage of her in her drunken state, Ravi gently turns her down, but his rejection only makes her feel more unwanted.

After Ravi makes a swift exit, Denise opens up to Sharon, hoping to validate her feelings for him.

Stacey Slater confronts Suki Panesar

Stacey Slater tries to keep Suki Panesar from distracting Eve Unwin. (Image credit: BBC)

Stacey Slater is also in the Vic, trying to distract Eve Unwin from her misery over lost love Suki Panesar by showing her a new coat that she's bought for daughter Lily Slater.

Eve is so lovelorn over the married Suki playing happy families with husband Nish Panesar that she heads out of the pub. 

Stacey joins Kat Slater for a drink, who reveals she's going to move her wedding day to Christmas.

All the ladies of Walford settle in at the Vic for a lock in and they open up about their experiences and their complicated love lives.

But in a flash, everything changes...

What has been revealed?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Tuesday at 7:30 pm.