EastEnders spoilers: Terror as Anna Knight is spiked!

Anna Knight enjoying drinks with Gina Knight, Felix Baker and Freddie Slater in Peggy's club
Anna Knight is oblivious to what's happened to her. (Image credit: BBC)

Anna Knight's evening ends in terror when her drink is tampered with in Tuesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. See our TV Guide for full listings).

Anna Knight is looking forward to a night out at Peggy's with sister Gina Knight and best mates Felix Baker and Freddie Slater, who she once had a one-night-stand with.

Although Anna's been with boyfriend Bobby Beale for a long time, Gina is sceptical that straight-laced Bobby is really the right man for her sister.

When Anna drunkenly ended up bedding Freddie before she got together with Bobby, it was clear that Freddie had real feelings for her. 

Full of shame for betraying his friend Bobby when he knew how much he liked Anna, Freddie put his own feelings aside and walked away.

Anna Knight and Freddie Slater sitting close together in Peggy's nightclub

Anna Knight insists she's not interested Freddie but is she telling the truth? (Image credit: BBC)

As Anna and Gina get ready to go out, Gina wonders about her sister's long term plans with Bobby but Anna shuts her down, insisting that she loves him.

At the club, the drinks are soon flowing and the group are having a brilliant time.
Anna seems to be having trouble handling her booze, as she becomes more and more out of it. 

Although initially dismissing her antics as down to the drink, Anna's friends soon realise that she's behaving more erratically than she should be.

Sharing their concerns that Anna may have been spiked by someone in the club, they agree to get her home but when they go looking for her Anna is nowhere to be seen.

Is she in real danger?

Lauren Branning standing next to Penny Branning in her wheelchair in front of the Queen Vic

Lauren Branning gets some good advice from sister Penny Branning. (Image credit: BBC)

Lauren is feeling shaken after kicking off with Junior Knight when he suggested Louie is behind on his education. Her worried sister Penny Branning confronts Lauren for shouting at Junior and suggests that she's also wondered if Louie is struggling at school.

Initially defensive, when Kathy Beale offers her some advice, Lauren reaiises that Junior was just trying to be helpful. She heads to the Queen Vic to find Junior and apologise for her attitude.

An amenable Junior accepts her apology and suggests she stay for a drink, where he shares a few words of encouragement about parenting.

Buoyed by her conversation with Junior, Lauren gets her mojo back and vows to find some work. She heads to her dad Max Branning's old business, the car lot, and asks manager Jay Brown for a trial shift.

Cindy Beale followed by George Knight confronting Ian Beale in a mystery property

Cindy Beale DEMANDS to know what Ian Beale is up to! (Image credit: BBC)

Also, Cindy Beale and George Knight confront Ian Beale at the mysterious address but what is really happening?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Wednesday at 7:30 pm.