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'EastEnders' spoilers: Will Whitney Dean reveal the truth about Gray?

Whitney Dean talks to Chelsea Fox in EastEnders
Whitney Dean is worried after Chelsea Fox shows her the scan photo. (Image credit: BBC)

Whitney Dean is concerned that Chelsea Fox doesn't know the whole truth about Gray Atkins in Monday's episode of EastEnders (8:05 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Whitney Dean continues to be concerned for Chelsea Fox after she reveals that she's had her scan and she knows what the sex of the baby is. 

Knowing that Gray Atkins is still lying to his bride-to-be about the financial troubles he's in, she confronts him and presses him to tell Chelsea the truth.

Instead of 'fessing up, Gray decides to tout for some more law business despite being blacklisted by ex-colleague Laura, who tarnished his name with local law firms. 

He approaches Ben Mitchell hoping he can pass onto him a few less discriminating clients via his criminal contacts, offering him a cut of any fees.

Ben has no interest in Gray's offer, but Kheerat Panesar is listening in and tells Ben it's a good business opportunity. Gray is grateful when he persuades Ben to reconsider.

Later, Chelsea Fox gets home to find a threatening looking man in the house with Gray and in her alarm she shoves him out the door. Gray is furious! 

Has she ruined something for him?

Jay Mitchell talks to Billy Mitchell in EastEnders

Jay Mitchell faces questions from the police. (Image credit: BBC)

The police have been searching the car lot but haven't found anything untoward. Janine Butcher insists that Billy Mitchell plant the stolen jewellery in Jay Mitchell's belongings as a way to stitch him up. 

Billy is just about to do it when Jay interrupts and Billy quickly covers, claiming he's about to get rid of the necklace. 

Fearful that Janine will have a go at him, Billy lies to her that he's done what she asked. Will she find out the truth?

Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway enjoy a drink in EastEnders

Callum Highway and Ben Mitchell make a new friend... (Image credit: BBC)

Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway do a bit of 'window shopping' when they spot a very attractive guy walking through the market! 

After heading to the Prince Albert for some drinks they see him again and Callum invites him to sit with them. 

The threesome have a good chat and get to know each other a bit more but then the conversation takes a surprising turn. What is he after?

Meanwhile, Aaron Monroe wants his dad to have words with sister Dana Monroe about her plan to convert to Islam, and Aaron's far right contact Neil insists he do more for the 'cause'....

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7:30 pm.