'Holby City' spoilers: Can Josh Hudson keep his SECRET?

Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge plays Josh Hudson in Holby City
It’s Josh’s birthday - but the last thing he wants is cake! (Image credit: BBC)

Over the past few weeks, medic Josh Hudson has pushed himself in all areas of his life - as a doctor, a new father to premature twins, and as a training partner to Eli. However, it seems there’s a lot more behind Josh’s desire to be in control, as we learn in next week’s Holby City (BBC1, 7.50pm – see our TV Guide for listings).

It’s Josh’s (Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge) birthday and his partner Ange (Dawn Steele) has laid on a surprise celebration spread complete with enormous chocolate cake. Josh seems reluctant as he takes a huge bite… and we realise why as these scenes are cut in with others of Josh making himself sick. Josh's childhood bulimia is back.

As Josh tries to hide his disorder, he’s still trying to be a first-class doctor but he’s distracted and Eli can see it. 

Davood Ghadami plays Eli Ebrahimi in Holby City

Eli is worried about his friend and colleague - but will Josh reveal what's wrong? (Image credit: BBC)

As Eli tells Josh that people need to ‘want help, to get help’, will Josh decide to reach out?

Meanwhile, having been left distraught by the sight of herself in a wheelchair, tetraplegic Lucky Simpson (Vineeta Rishi) is struggling to be positive about her future and is more determined than ever to fulfil her wish to end her own life in this week’s Holby.

Vineeta Rishi plays Lucky Simpson in Holby City

Lucky wants her pain and suffering to end - and believes there's only one option. (Image credit: BBC)

As the episode begins with a flashback, an able-bodied Lucky is talking to patient Alex (Mykel Williams) from nearby St Earl’s hospital. Alex is paraplegic and makes it clear to Lucky he wants to die. 

Mykel Williams plays Alex in Holby City

Lucky once counselled Alex, as he faced an uncertain future. (Image credit: BBC)

Back in the present, a paralysed, bed-bound Lucky is forging ahead with her mission to end her own life, and cunningly gets Kylie (Amy Murphy) to help… Lucky lies to Kylie that the previous nurse didn’t administer her pain medication, so Kylie unwittingly gives her more… and Lucky goes into cardiac arrest! 

Amy Murphy plays Kylie Maddon in Holby City

Kylie is mortified when she realises she's been tricked by Lucky. (Image credit: BBC)

Also, down in AAU, Ollie (James Anderson) is struggling with a diagnostic task set by Hanssen (Guy Henry). He’s frustrated with what seems like such an easy challenge, so Russ (Simon Slater) seeks out Hanssen to find out he’s not pushing him more when Ollie is clearly capable.

Russ finds Hanssen in the store cupboard and they both end up getting locked in and both have important appointments to get to. Hanssen is saddened to learn that Russ is in counselling following the death of his partner.

Guy Henry plays Henrik Hanssen in Holby City

Hanssen makes a discovery about Russ as they're stuck in the store cupboard. (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, up on the ward, Olly gets acquainted with director of nursing Madge Britton - will she give him a challenge that will REALLY put him to the test? And will he handle the pressure? 

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 7.50pm on BBC1. 

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