'Holby City' spoilers: Oliver Valentine ATTACKS Hanssen!

James Anderson plays Oliver Valentine in Holby City
Plagued by flashbacks, will Oliver prove a danger in the operating theatre? (Image credit: BBC)

For week’s now, Oliver Valentine has been trying to prove himself as a doctor while enduring flashbacks of the time he was shot in the head. In next week’s Holby City (BBC1, 7.50pm – see our TV Guide for listings), the full extent of Ollie's post-traumatic stress disorder is dramatically exposed when he takes the lead in theatre and experiences an intense flashback mid-operation. 

Prior to the surgery, locum Maisie Scarborough returns to the hospital and tells Ollie’s mentor Russ Faber about how he once struck out at her in a violent rage. Although Russ is aware of Ollie’s trauma, Maisie believes he’s damaged… unpredictable… dangerous!

Maisie Scarborough talks to Russ

Maisie confides in Russ that she fears Oliver is a danger to himself... and others! (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Holby CEO Henrik Hanssen is supervising Ollie in theatre when the troubled doctor re-lives the moment he was shot in the head by Henrik’s son, Frederik. In the grip of the terrifying flashback, Ollie grabs Hanssen, slashing his boss’s arm with his scalpel in the process! 

Afterwards, Russ informs Hanssen that he knew about Ollie’s mental torment. Understandably, Hanssen is furious with both men for keeping such a secret. 

Full of remorse, Ollie hands in his letter of resignation. But knowing that Holby is the cause of Ollie’s problems, will Hanssen reject it and let the doctor rebuild himself and his career at the hospital?

Will Hanssen let Oliver resign in Holby City?

Will Hanssen let Oliver resign in Holby City? (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, to avoid having to treat a man dressed as a clown - his worst nightmare! - Dominic throws himself into diagnosing a black patient. Max and Dom disagree over his diagnosis of sickle cell but, when the patient goes into crisis, Max realises she should have advocated stronger for the patient, while Dom realises his unconscious bias got in the way of his diagnosis. 

David Ames plays Dominic Copeland in Holby City

Dom and Max lock horns over his diagnosis of a patient. (Image credit: BBC)

Also, having opened up to Ange about his struggles with bulimia, Josh finds himself in the position of trying to encourage a patient to face his fears. 

Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge plays Josh Hudson in Holby City

Josh urges a patient to face his fears - but can he take his own advice? (Image credit: BBC)

Now Ange knows the truth about Josh, he vows not to shut her out while she promises not to mother him. But will they be able to pull together and be all the stronger for it? 

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 7.50pm on BBC1.

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