'Holby City' spoilers: Oliver Valentine's gamble!

James Anderson plays Oliver Valentine
James Anderson plays Oliver Valentine in 'Holby City'. (Image credit: BBC1)

Since he returned to Holby, Oliver Valentine has been desperate to prove he’s still a top surgeon while suffering PTSD from being shot in the head. This week, as young cancer patient Sammy goes under the knife, Hanssen wants Ollie to be a point of continuity throughout, trusting that he has finally overcome his psychological issues around being in theatre.

James Anderson plays Oliver Valentine in Holby City

Can Oliver prove himself to be a first-class surgeon? (Image credit: BBC1)

It's a complex, multi-stage surgery that requires Eli and Josh to work as a team, with Ollie overseeing, to save Sammy's life. Prior to heading into theatre, however, Eli receives some devastating news and, as he struggles to control his emotions during Sammy's big op, Ollie’s forced to take over and finish the job. Can he perform a Christmas miracle and save Sammy? And will treating the boy make Ollie want to be more of a father to his own son?

Meanwhile, it's the festive season and the Holby staff are preparing for an evening of Christmas Carols and Secret Santa. Kylie isn't looking forward to the present-giving, however, when she realises she's bought the wrong kind of 'massager' for Louis… and then the gift goes missing! 

Kylie Holby City

Kylie is embarrassed by her Christmas gift for Louis. (Image credit: BBC1)

Also, on Keller, Ange is planning to propose to Josh, but gets side-tracked by a grieving Dom. 

Dawn Steele plays Ange Godard in Holby City

Ange wants to propose to Josh - but Dom needs her... (Image credit: BBC1)

When Josh admits he’s been lying to her about therapy being a success, will Ange still want to get married? Also, Jac worries she’s facing a bleak new year…

Holby City continues on Tuesday evenings on BBC1. You can also catch up on previous episodes on BBC iPlayer.

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