'Hollyoaks' spoilers: Ella Richardson runs away!

Ella Richardson in Hollyoaks played by Erin Palmer
Ella Richardson runs away after finding out her mum Mandy has lied. (Image credit: C4)

As she struggles with being back in the village, Ella Richardson (Erin Palmer) runs away in tonight’s Hollyoaks at 6.30pm (See our TV Guide for full listings).  

After last week’s verdict, Ella (Erin Palmer) is back in the village but it might be a big ask to expect life to return to normal.

The teenager had confessed to killing Jordan Price, but it was almost her pal Charlie Dean (Charlie Behan) who took the rap for the murder.

When the teenagers got into a fight with the drug dealer, Ella stabbed him in the back and killed him, but Charlie said he would take the blame.

As Charlie was charged and put in custody, the guilt got too much for Ella and she confessed the truth to her mum Mandy Richardson (Sarah Jayne Dunn). 

Ella thought Mandy was going to turn her in to the police but instead told her that Charlie had made his decision and he would have to live with the consequences.

But the truth eventually came out when Nancy (Jessica Fox) overheard Mandy and Luke (Gary Lucy) talking and realised that Ella was really to blame for Jordan’s death.

Now, Mandy’s keeping secrets again. As her daughter struggles with being back in the village, she doesn’t want her to know that Charlie’s guardians Nancy and Darren (Ashley Taylor-Dawson) have forbidden Ella from seeing him. 

Mandy Richardson in Hollyoaks played by Sarah Jayne Dunn

Mandy Richardson tells a lie to protect Ella only for it to backfire on her. (Image credit: C4)

Meanwhile, Ste (Kieron Richardson) convinces his son Lucas to help Ella get involved in the Game of Assassins but instead, he plays a cruel joke on her, making her feel even worse.

In a bid to lift Ella’s spirits, Mandy asks Charlie to visit Ella on the sly, but when the teens get together it’s not long before Ella discovers that Charlie isn’t meant to see her.

Charlie Dean in Hollyoaks played by Charlie Behan

Charlie Dean arranges to see his pal Ella Richardson on the sly. (Image credit: C4)

After Ella lashes out at her mum, Mandy retaliates with a hurtful comment.

And that’s something that she might come to regret because later on at The Hutch, Mandy finds an empty till and a note from Ella saying she’s run away!

Hollyoaks airs Monday-Friday on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4 at 7pm