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'Beep' — our essential guide to the BBC comedy

Beep cast
Becks (Lois Chimimba), Dr Roy (Bhav Joshi), Hannah (Victoria Balnaves), Liz (Siobhan Redmond), Martin (Grant O'Rourke), Nigel (Kevin O'Loughlin), Father Sydney (Paul Higgins). (Image credit: BBC)

Beep is the latest comedy for the BBC, and is written by Bryce Hart, an alumni of the Scottish Comedy Writers' Programme. It follows a family who are brought together to visit Tommy (John Hamilton), who is in a coma in hospital after being hit by a car.

Gregor Sharp, Commissioning Editor BBC says: “Bryce is one of the most exciting writing talents around with a brilliant eye for characterisation and a distinctive take on human behaviour so we’re delighted he’s partnered up with Happy Tramp North on what is a really special project.”

How can I watch Beep?

Beep is available on iPlayer.

What is Beep about?

Beep is set in Glasgow and focuses on the dynamics and secrets of a working class Scottish family as they visit their Dad Tommy who is in a coma after a car accident. It's the day of his wedding anniversary and he's visited by his wife Liz and his emotionally challenged son Martin, sleep deprived daughter Hannah and lonely nephew Nigel, among other eccentric characters.

Anne Edyvean of BBC Writersroom says: "We are all delighted about the Beep pilot. Bryce thoroughly deserves to be successful with his combination of talent, commitment and hard work. Our team in Scotland spotted his potential early on and backed him all the way. We could not be prouder!”

Who stars in Beep?

  • Siobhan Redmond (The Replacement, Unforgotten)
  • Paul Higgins (The Thick Of It)
  • Victoria Balnaves (ShetlandGarrows Law)
  •  Grant O’Rourke (Outlander)
  • Kevin O’Loughlin (The GingeThe Geordie and the Geek)
  • Lois Chimimba (Trust MeDoctor Who)

Is there a trailer for Beep?

Sadly, no trailer has been released. You will just have to give it a go on iPlayer.

Will there be more episodes?

Hopefully, it will no doubt depend on how many people watch the pilot episode.