Call the Midwife character Nancy Corrigan — all you need to know.

Nancy Corrigan in Call the Midwife
Nancy Corrigan in Call the Midwife. (Image credit: BBC)

Call the Midwife welcomed a brand new face in Season 10, as student midwife Nancy Corrigan arrived at Nonnatus House in Sunday's episode. She was brought in following Shelagh Turner's plan to secure funding by bringing in trainee midwives as placements. She is the only one of the trainees who lives on site at Nonnatus House, as the others board offsite. 

Here's everything we know about Nancy Corrigan so far...

Who plays Nancy Corrigan?

Nancy Corrigan is played by Irish actress Megan Cusack, who is the niece of sister actresses Niamh, Sorcha, Sinead and Catherine Cusack. At 24 years old she is the youngest actress in the family at present. Megan has had roles in Doctors and The Cherry Orchard, but her role in Call the Midwife is her big break.

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Nancy Corrigan's personality

In an interview with us, Megan opened up about her character's personality. "Nancy is a bit ditzy, like myself, and fairly erratic but she’s got a big heart, she’s very warm and she’ll chat to anyone. Though she doesn’t have a filter and doesn’t think before she speaks, which can make people nervous…"

She also revealed that Nancy's bedside manner is "very poor", causing complications when an expectant mother doesn't want her present at her birth. However, there are definitely positive traits to her character, as it's teased that she "handles herself well" in difficult situations.

What else should we know about her?

Arriving at Nonnatus House seems to be a big opportunity for Nancy, as it's giving her a bit more freedom from what she's used to. As an orphan, she lived with other children and nuns, meaning she didn't have much of an opportunity to express herself. 

Megan adds: "When her grandmother passed away years ago, Nancy ended up in an orphanage run by nuns. When she arrives at Nonnatus House, we see her open her suitcase and get rid of her old, modest clothes; it’s like she sees coming to Nonnatus House as an opportunity to become more of the person she wants to be."

Since arriving at Nonnatus House, Nancy has definitely let her personality shine through, as she introduces herself by saying: “Everyone calls me Nancy. Like Nancy Sinatra" and wears a psychedelic dress and boots, which are very different to her traditional clothing.