Clarkson's Farm season 2 — release date and everything you need to know

Jeremy Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper smiling in a field holding goggles
Clarkson's Farm season 2 returned! (Image credit: Amazon Prime Video)

Clarkson’s Farm season 2 returned following the huge success of the first series on Prime Video.

Even Jeremy himself was surprised by how much people enjoyed the first series, with Amazon quickly asking for a second to be made.

It was over a year since we last saw Jeremy, Kaleb Cooper, and co when the new series opened. Jeremy no longer had his naughty sheep, but he did have some beef cows. And he even teamed up with a brewer to produce his own lager. Another exciting development was that Kaleb had a baby son now, Oscar. 

The series also raised awareness about how challenging farming could be. Talking to The Times, Jeremy said: "It’s nearly impossible to make money from farming these days. We have been told by the government that to survive we must diversify. And now local government is saying we can’t. That has to be addressed, and soon, so that councils are encouraged or even ordered to cut farmers some slack."

We also saw Jeremy battle to open a restaurant as the council resisted against his plans to expand his farm...

Here's everything we know about Clarkson's Farm season 2 so far...

Clarkson’s Farm season 2 release date 

Clarkson’s Farm season 2 was released on Prime Video on Friday, February 10, 2023. 

In a post shared on Instagram by the former Top Gear presenter and the streaming platform, he was joined by farm worker Kaleb Cooper, who both shared clues to viewers on when the second season would land on Amazon Prime Video.

The slides had hidden hints in the fun facts on when the release date would be, which viewers eventually deciphered as February 10, 2023.

Amazon revealed a fresh look at the Diddly Squat Farm crew in some photos as filming took place for series 2.

What happens in Clarkson’s Farm season 2?

After an intense, grueling, and often hilarious first series of Clarkson’s Farm, where viewers got to see a year in the life of unlikely farmer, Jeremy Clarkson. Audiences and critics praised the series as we watched Clarkson and his misfit crew of farming associates tackle difficult agricultural obstacles. From battling the worst farming weather in decades and dealing with troublesome animals to coping with an unexpected pandemic. 

This season we were in for even more laughs, missions and hardships on this next agricultural adventure. We also got a deeper insight into the Diddly Squat Farm as Jeremy aimed to diversify and expand his farming knowledge under the alert eyes of his hardworking team. His team included tractor driver Kaleb, advisor "Cheerful" Charlie, stone wall favorite Gerald, and Jeremy's partner-turned-farm shop keeper Lisa. Plus many more!

Talking to about its highly anticipated second season, Jeremy teased that there would be more drama on the farm in season 2.

He said: “There’s a programme in the new series, programme four, which is really tetchy... It’s just hard work — when you’re cold and you’re outside all day long, and you’re freezing cold, and your muscles ache — you’re tired out. 

"And it’s like that every day on the farm. 6am until 11pm is farming, seven days a week."

Clarkson's Farm season 2 cast

The crew were back on-hand to help the running of Diddly Squat Farm. (Image credit: Amazon Prime Video)

Is there a trailer?

Prime Video released this exciting and humorous announcement for the new series on their YouTube! It showed Jeremy telling us the delightful news as he stood next to a tractor and playfully bickered with Kaleb who proposed a new series title.

You can also check out what's been happening on Diddly Squat Farm through their official Instagram account.

Some new additions to the farm include Kaleb's new farm machinery and the family have since adopted two puppies called Arya and Sansa.

They're also trying their dab hand at brewing their own beer!

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