Everything you need to know about ABC's 'Call Your Mother'

Kyra Sedgwick in ABC's 'Call Your Mother.'
Kyra Sedgwick in ABC's 'Call Your Mother.' (Image credit: ABC)

Call Your Mother is ABC's latest comedy offering, and in the age of coronavirus, we could all use more of a laugh right now. The sitcom follows an empty nest mother, who decides to be close to her children by moving cross country in order to be with them. Unsurprisingly, that decision causes a few complications for her less than impressed adult children. Originally the series was set to premier a lot earlier, but its release was pushed back as a result of the pandemic.

Kyra Sedgwick leads the cast as Jean Raines, who decides to reinsert herself into her children's lives. Speaking to AARP, the star described the series as the perfect show for these uncertain times. She said, "This is a traditional sitcom in all the right ways: They present a problem in the first act and by the end of those 30 minutes everything is not perfect but the problem is solved. Frankly, I take a lot of solace in this concept right now. I want quick and simple solutions to my problems."

As this is a brand new series we don't have any specific plot details just yet, but we'll be sure to keep you updated with all the latest information once it's aired.

When will 'Call Your Mother' premier?

The first season of Call Your Mother will premier on ABC on January 13, 2021 at 9:30pm / 8:30c. It will be a midseason entry in the 2020–21 television season and is sure to bring some much needed laughter. ABC is available online or on FuboTV.

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How to watch 'Call Your Mother' anywhere in the world

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Who stars in 'Call Your Mother'?

Call Your Mother heads into its first season with a pretty standard sitcom cast. The below are the key players, but who knows who will show up throughout the series' run. 

  • Kyra Sedgwick as Jean Raines, an empty nest mother who reinserts herself into her children's lives
  • Rachel Sennott as Jackie Raines, Jean's daughter
  • Joey Bragg as Freddie Raines, Jean's son
  • Patrick Brammall as Danny
  • Emma Caymares as Celia
  • Austin Crute as Lane