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'I Hate You' on C4 — everything you need to know about Robert Popper's new series

Tanya Reynolds, Robert Popper and Melissa Saint
(Image credit: Channel 4)

I Hate You is a new comedy series coming to C4, created by celebrated writer Robert Popper. Best known for his work on Friday Night Dinner, Robert's new series will focus on the dynamic between friends as opposed to family, presenting a new set of hilarious challenges for the central characters.

Fans have already seen the wacky misadventures of the Goodmans, with Friday Night Dinner seeing Tamsin Greig, Paul Ritter, Tom Rosenthal, and Simon Bird playing a Jewish family who get together each week, and now we'll be introduced to two best friends in their 20s who also share a flat together and the inevitable complications that they have to face.

Speaking about the series, Robert Popper said: "Having spent ten years writing a show about a super intense family, I really wanted my next one to be about super intense friends. And, since I’ve never had a friend in my life, I’m hoping this will teach me how to find one."

Here's everything we know so far...

I Hate You release date

There's no confirmed release date for I Hate You just yet, but we'll let you know when that changes. In the meantime, all episodes of Robert Popper's much-loved Friday Night Dinner are available on-demand via All4.

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What is I Hate You about?

The new series follows best friends Charlie and Becca, two 20-somethings who flatshare together. According to C4, the sitcom is "about the one friend you can say anything to and do anything with: the idiotic in-jokes, and the laughing till you almost puke, as well as the insane bickering and late-night shouting matches. It’s about that one friend you really love - and really hate."

Charlie and Becca are two very different people, with Charlie described as a "worrier" with an incredibly messy bedroom, while Becca is a lot tidier and has "no embarrassment gene" resulting in her making a lot of bad decisions.

If that's not intriguing enough, the first series sees Charlie get arrested for pick-pocketing a police officer, Becca learning the perils of jogging to jazz, and the girls meet a man who believes humans came from bears, and both start dating older guys - more specifically - men in their seventies. So there's plenty of hilarity to look forward to!

Who stars in I Hate You?

Sex Education star Tanya Reynolds plays Charlie and newcomer Melissa Saint plays Becca. So far no further casting has been announced for the sitcom.

The series will be directed by The Inbetweeners co-creator Damon Beesley, with Robert Popper writing and producing.

Is there a trailer?

There's no trailer yet - but watch this space!

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